What happened to Andreas Frey? Tributes pour in as German bodybuilding star dies aged 43

Andreas Frey recently died at the age of 43 (Image via andy_frey/Instagram)
Andreas Frey recently died at the age of 43 (Image via andy_frey/Instagram)

Popular bodybuilder Andreas Frey passed away on Thursday, October 20, at the age of 43. Sources revealed that he died suddenly in his sleep, indicating that he wasn't hospitalized at the time of his passing. Despite being a well-known personality, little is known about the bodybuilder's health history.

Andreas' company, Frey Nutrition, paid tribute to him on Facebook by posting a picture of him along with a caption stating:

“It is with deep sorrow that we must announce that Andreas Frey, founder of Frey Nutrition, passed away on the night of October 20. to October 21, [he] died suddenly in his sleep. Our sympathy goes out to his bereaved family, especially his wife Ina and his daughters Anna and Lisa.”

The post went on to state that Andreas’ wife Ina, who is the co-founder of Frey Nutrition, will now take over as the company’s head.

Who was Andreas Frey? All about the bodybuilder as netizens pay tribute on social media

Andreas Frey began pursuing his bodybuilding career at the age of 15, which is when he won his first bronze medal.

Frey gained popularity in his early 20s. Competing at the IFBB and NABBA also contributed to his fame.

Andreas Frey was a famous bodybuilder (Image via andy_frey/Instagram)
Andreas Frey was a famous bodybuilder (Image via andy_frey/Instagram)

He shot to fame with his appearance at the 2006 PDI Night Of Champions. Here, he grabbed the second position after being defeated by one of the best bodybuilders of the time, Lee Priest.

A severe pec injury in 2007 forced him to retire from the sport. He participated in 33 bodybuilding competitions over the course of his career and was crowned winner in 15 of them.

Even after retirement, he continued to contribute to bodybuilding. He trained athletes aspiring to make a name for themselves in the field.

He also launched a supplement agency called Frey Nutrition, which became well-known in Germany.

"This is very sad": Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

Andreas was well-known for his bodybuilding achievements. Needless to say, social media was flooded with tributes when people heard about his sudden demise:

Andreas was active on Instagram with around 2,168 followers. His profile mostly has pictures of his family members, and his various achievements in bodybuilding.

He is survived by his wife Ina, and their two daughters, Anna and Lisa.

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