What happened to Emma Pattison? Gunshots claim explored as Epsom College head teacher found dead along with family 

(image via John Wildgoose/Epsom College)
Authorities have not confirmed Pattison's cause of death (Image via John Wildgoose/Epsom College)

On Sunday, February 5, Epsom College head teacher Emma Pattison (45) was found dead alongside her husband, George Pattison (39), and young daughter, Lettie (7).

According to BBC, the family's bodies were discovered on the grounds of Epsom College, Surrey, at approximately 1 am. While authorities have not confirmed what led to the deaths of the trio, Telegraph reported that gunshots had been heard in the area shortly before the bodies were discovered.

Emma Pattison have no idea how this family died, can only assume her husband took their lives and then his own, seeing her interviews expressing how happy she was in her new job I can’t imagine her taking her daughters life very sad situation.#emmapattison

An investigation into the deaths of Emma Pattison and her family is currently ongoing; authorities have not disclosed any potential suspects or motivations as of yet. However, they stated that the situation presents no greater threat to the public at large.

Why do people think Emma Pattison and her family members were shot to death?

Besides reports of gunshots early Sunday morning, speculation regarding a potential shooting continued after authorities announced that they had cordoned off the rifle range on school grounds.

@norfolkandchan2 Indeed and I understand the school has a rifle range, was that where they were found….

According to Sky News, however, there were no live rounds at Epsom College's rifle range grounds. Authorities stated that they restricted the area due to its proximity to the home of Emma Pattison and her family.

While Surrey authorities have not released any further information about what happened to the family, they stated that there was "no third-party involvement" in the deaths.

The Independent reported that Pattison had worked at Epsom College for only six months at the time of her death. While the deceased never discussed any friction in her new role, she had said on the school's podcast that her new position had meant her family had to adapt considerably.

The shocking and tragic news has now reached many about the death of our Head, Emma Pattison. The College community will be coming together today to process the news, grieve and pay our respects to a wonderful Head. 1/3

Pattison stated:

"I've got a new job, my husband has got a new job, that wasn't meant to happen but it did and my daughter has started a new school so there's been a lot of change for us as a family."

An Epsom college official comments on Pattison's death

Before she began her role at Epsom College, Emma Pattison served as the head of Croydon High School for six years. Yahoo stated that her husband, George Pattison, was the director of consultancy firm Tanglewood 2016.

In an official statement, Dr. Alistair Wells, chair of the board of Governors at Epsom College, described Pattison as a dedicated educator.

Emma Pattison gave me my first teaching job. At @CroydonHigh she created a work environment that felt so safe and encouraging. She was an exceptional leader. She supported me as a became the teacher I am proud to be today. I am endlessly grateful.

Wells said:

"Our immediate thoughts and condolences are with Emma’s family, friends and loved ones, and to the many pupils and colleagues whose lives she enriched throughout her distinguished career."

He continued further:

"Emma was a wonderful teacher, but most of all she was a delightful person. In time we will commemorate Emma and her family, in the appropriate way, and in line with the wishes of her family."
I'm disgusted & saddened by the deaths of Emma Pattison (from Epsom College), her husband & daughter. Steps should be taken to ensure others remain safe. The murderer should face justice swiftly so the family can find peace. My thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

The BBC reported that forensics teams are still currently at the scene of the deaths.

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