WATCH: Perris man Thaddis Brooks arrested as video of him throwing punches during girls basketball game surfaces online 

Thaddis Brooks allegedly punched several female athletes during a basket ball game (Image via Gurbaksh Singh Chahal/Twitter)
Thaddis Brooks allegedly punched several female athletes during a basket ball game (Image via Gurbaksh Singh Chahal/Twitter)

Thaddis Brooks from Perris, California, was arrested on February 2, 2023, after he was caught on camera throwing punches at several female athletes during a basketball game last month.

On January 24, Thaddis Brooks, 39, allegedly punched several of the female athletes on the court during a game between the Centennial High School Huskies and Santiago High School Sharks in Corona, California. Authorities said that Brooks, who is believed to be the stepfather of one of the athletes, began brandishing a weapon and threatened to kill several students at the high school.


Part of the incident was captured on camera at the girls’ high school basketball game, which showed several athletes shoving each other on the basketball court. During the skirmish between the athletes, which reportedly began after a foul call, the suspect jumped down from the stands and began punching the players.

Police said that shortly after, witnesses at the scene heard the suspect say that he was going to get a gun before leaving the court. Moments later, he reportedly retrieved a gun from his vehicle in the parking lot and threatened to shoot several students before fleeing the scene.

Authorities found 40 dogs at Thaddis Brooks' home during his arrest

Thaddis Brooks was arrested at his Perris home a week after he allegedly punched several female athletes and brandished a firearm at a girls’ high school basketball game in Corona, California. Brooks reportedly faces several charges, including animal cruelty, after authorities found 40 dogs on the property that showed "animal cruelty factors" according to authorities.

According to witnesses, two players from two teams got into an altercation on the court during a game against the visiting Santiago High School, a police statement said.Police Sgt. Jason Waldon reported that Brooks, who was a spectator and a relative of one of the players,

As per The LA Times, Brooks, the stepfather of one of the players in the game, jumped on the court and attacked the girls, injuring at least three individuals aged between 16 and 17 years.

Brooks has also been accused of wielding a weapon at the scene and threatening to shoot several students aged between 13 to 17 at the high school game’s parking lot. Following the incident, the school suspended the game.

In a statement, Corona Police said:

"As the suspect left the gymnasium, witnesses heard him mention he was getting a gun. The suspect walked to the parking lot and retrieved a handgun from his vehicle. While in the parking lot, the suspect pointed the handgun at several students and threatened to shoot them. The suspect fled the area just before officers arrived at the school."

Brooks, who has a criminal record, was arrested on multiple charges, including brandishing a deadly weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm on school grounds, child abuse, and animal cruelty.

Thaddis Brooks' previous convictions explored

The LA Times reported that prior to the most recent incident, Thaddis Brooks earlier pleaded guilty to an assault charge in 2006 and was also guilty of making criminal threats in 2009. Brooks was arrested and charged with drug possession on multiple occasions as well, though it is unknown whether he served time behind bars.

Following his recent arrest, the suspect was taken to the county jail, and his bail was set at $350,000.

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