What happened to Marcus Whitehead? Suspect arrested as Baltimore man found dead in trampoline park

A Crime Scene (Image via Twitter/Santa Cruz Police Department)
A Crime Scene (Image via Twitter/Santa Cruz Police Department)

Marcus Whitehead, a 32-year-old man from Baltimore, was shot to death in a trampoline park on Saturday, August 12, 2023. Quinton Walker, the boyfriend of Walker’s ex-wife is accused of committing the murder.

Walker had allegedly flown down to Colorado from Maryland in order to visit his daughter, as per authorities. He met his ex-wife and Marcus Whitehead at Sky Zone Park where he was supposed to meet his daughter. There was an alleged verbal altercation between Marcus Whitehead and Quinton Walker which ended with the latter firing multiple rounds of bullets at the former.

Whitehead was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead soon after. Walker immediately fled the scene after the shooting, but thereafter called the authorities to turn himself in. Officers with the Ann Arundel County Police made the arrest.

Residents were shocked by the news of Marcus Whitehead’s shooting


Marcus Whitehead had sustained multiple gunshot wounds when the Baltimore County Police Department arrived at the site of the shooting at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park on West Aylesbury Road.

Court documents suggest that when Whitehead and Quinton Walker met at Sky Zone Park, Walker reported that Whitehead was staring at him. The accused replied and suggested that they talk outside. Walker was cautioned by Whitehead not to approach him or he would slap him.

Eventually, as per authorities:

“Defendant Walker stated at some point, Victim Whitehead stood up and started walking towards him, so he drew his firearm and fired all rounds that he had loaded into the gun”

Residents of the area were shocked by the circumstances around Marcus Whitehead’s death. One of the residents named Jeanne Puglisi told CBS News:

“It’s still very upsetting to have that kind of thing happen out here, especially [near] a group of children…Other people can get hurt very easily during that.”

Anita Liiewski, another resident of the area, said:

"I was very shocked that it would be a place where all these children are, in front of them, so blatantly open like that, and it's a shame that they have to be exposed to that"

Walker reportedly stated that he had left the area after the incident to return his U-Haul rental car. He reached out to the authorities while in his U-haul, and was finally apprehended. He is currently being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center without bond and is charged with first-degree murder.

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