What happened in Parkwood, Cape Town? Man allegedly set ablaze in a mob attack

Parkwood residents burn vehicle and alleged kidnapper( Image via Xabiso Mkhabela/ Getty Images)
Parkwood residents burn vehicle and alleged kidnapper( Image via Xabiso Mkhabela/ Getty Images)

On Tuesday morning in Parkwood, Cape Town, a man was killed in an alleged mob justice attack. Authorities could not substantiate reports that the deceased was involved in a kidnapping.

Mob justice is the act of dozens or hundreds of people taking the law into their own hands to hurt or murder a person suspected of a crime. Because the crowd acts as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioners, the value of the victim is frequently secondary.


After being wrongly accused of being a child kidnapper and moved to death, police believe an innocent man was set on fire and murdered by Parkwood locals.

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said:

“Upon arrival at the scene, they found a Toyota Avanza in flames and the body of an unknown man who succumbed to death as a result of injuries sustained due to the fire,”

Three unidentified men were traveling about Parkwood in a Toyota Avanza when members of the neighborhood stopped the vehicle and set it on fire, according to Swartbooi.

However, two of the occupants in the vehicle were able to flee the scene. The Grassy Park police department has opened a murder case.

Hundreds of outraged neighbors were seen in videos widely circulated on social media thrashing the man and setting fire to his white Toyota Avanza.

How did the man die in Parkwood, Capetown?

According to accounts, the suspect attempted to kidnap the youngster with the help of accomplices while driving a champagne-colored Toyota Avanza.

The conspirators could flee, but the victim was not so fortunate. The man is seen being pummelled with rods and other potentially lethal instruments.

Residents in the neighborhood then pounced on the vehicle, physically tearing it apart with their hands, just yards away from the man.

The vehicle's engine parts have been removed, the doors have been removed, and the car has been shattered. Residents can be heard shouting in a later video that their community's children "will not be next."

The car was then ordered to be set on fire. It is unknown whether the man is still alive at this time.

People have claimed the area's emotions are at an all-time high. Residents are outraged that "one of the suspects" got away.

Colonel Dawood Laing claims that their inquiry revealed no evidence of an abduction attempt. According to him, the community has been on edge due to unconfirmed allegations of kidnappings on social media.

He warned that Parkwood people who take part in mob justice attacks will be arrested.

Dawood Laing said:

“The detectives questioned the security guard and the sister at the clinic and there was no evidence of any kind of kidnapping, this is mass hysteria caused by social media and the spread of fake news."

Community leader Rashaad Allen, who was present at the scene, said residents of the area have had enough of the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 08600 10111.

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