What did Megyn Kelly say about Dylan Mulvaney? Journalist rips into Nike over recent partnership ads

Megyn Kelly and Dylan Mulvaney. (Photos via Getty Images)
Megyn Kelly and Dylan Mulvaney. (Images via Getty Images)

American journalist Megyn Kelly recently criticized Nike over its choice of Dylan Mulvaney to endorse its sports bras. On April 11's episode of SiriusXM's The Megyn Kelly Show, the 52-year-old personality called the trans activist "non-breasted" and then slammed the brand by saying:

“Nike sponsoring Dylan Mulvaney now for a f–king sports bra. I’m sorry, Dylan doesn’t have breasts."

Kelly then continued:

"Dylan’s been taking some sort of a hormone that has turned Dylan into some … I don’t know what’s happening there, but those are not breasts. And Dylan doesn’t need any sort of a bra — never mind a sports bra."

Megyn Kelly said that women who have experience wearing bras will not:

"Be inspired to buy one based on non-breasted Dylan Mulvaney prancing around in a Nike sports bra.”

Megyn Kelly says Dylan Mulvaney looks like someone with an "eating disorder"

After calling her "non-breasted," Megyn Kelly went on to slam Dylan Mulvaney stating that she should not endorse Nike products because she seems to have "an eating disorder.” She said:

“Just gonna say it. Dylan is about 40 pounds soaking wet. So this should not be anybody’s spokesperson for anything. If there were a woman who looked like that, she couldn’t get an endorsement because they say she clearly is unwell."

Kelly then pointed out that Mulvaney has been getting several sponsorships for lingerie and cosmetics, questioning if brands have run out of "biological women to sell bras".

During the same segment, Megyn Kelly shared that she was "very compassionate" towards the trans community and even has relatives who are trans.

“I saw the bullying, and I saw how tough it was… before it was a thing, before it was okay, when it was still very stigmatized. I had nothing but compassion. I feel differently now. I feel like it’s gone too far. They’re getting rid of male and female on birth certificates.”

She then stated how nowadays doctors are not allowed to ask a person's gender or tell their residents because "it’s considered offensive." Claiming that these antics are "parodies of us [women] by people like Dylan and others", she added:

“These people who are all over TikTok more and more saying, ‘What’s normal is trans… cis, that’s what’s abnormal… What’s normal is the freedom of being a trans person and choosing.’ No, wrong! So I am less and less compassionate by the day, and it seems like that makes me even more so.”

Dylan Mulvaney has been facing severe criticism for promoting big brands on her social media handles. So far, she has endorsed Kate Spade, Bud Light, and Nike on her Instagram handle, which has garnered immense backlash for her as well as the brands.

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