What did Riley John Groover do? Florida man kills pregnant transgender boyfriend in alleged murder-suicide

Riley killed his partner and then died by suicide, (Image via @lipstickalley/Twitter)
Riley killed his partner and then died by suicide, (Image via @lipstickalley/Twitter)

26-year-old Riley John Groover recently shot himself to death after fatally shooting his partner several times. The victim has been identified as a 21-year-old pregnant transgender man, Camdyn Rider. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated that the victim was eight months pregnant, and also described the incident as a horrific double murder.

Trigger warning: The article contains references to shooting and suicide. Readers’ discretion is advised.

According to court documents, Riley John Groover had a long history of lashing out in a violent manner. Deputies further revealed that at the age of 17, Groover fired five BB pellets.

Groover was later convicted of battery and was on juvenile conditional release until April 2016.


According to Groover’s mother, he was very much in love with Rider, and they were happily married as well.

Riley John Groover fatally shot his partner several times, before turning the gun on himself in the alleged murder-suicide

According to Groover’s mother, he used her gun to shoot the victim. She further confirmed that she had the gun for her own protection. It was revealed that the couple was happy, but there had been some incidents of heated arguments that led to physical violence. However, none of those were ever reported to the cops.

Upon further investigation, cops found out that the suspect had a history of violence, and had been arrested in prior incidents as well.

In 2014, after he fired the BB pellets, cops came to arrest him. Riley John Groover ended up kicking the officer in the leg and punched him as well. The deputy then wrote,

“The suspect also openly stated that he wilfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harassed the victim via text and phone calls after the victim asked him to stop. This has been ongoing for approximately one year.”

Groover had a long history of violence against people

After the 2014 assault, the deputy had to tase him in order to arrest him. In a different case, on March 14, 2026, he broke a bottle on the kitchen floor, and further used a hatchet to break multiple doors in the house. The deputies further said,

“The victim, REDACTED, was on the front porch and observed Groover approaching her with a weapon, [which] she believed was the hatchet, in his hand.”

It was further mentioned:

“THE VICTIM was in fear for her safety based on actions and statements made by Groover, so she began swinging a broom at Groover to defend herself. Groover dropped the weapon and grabbed the upper right arm of THE VICTIM causing a 3-inch skin tear on her upper right arm.”

The victim, here, was identified as an elderly woman aged 75, who lived with Riley John Groover for about 19 years. He, however, claimed that he never intended to hurt the elderly woman.

In the recent alleged murder-suicide case, officials tried saving the unborn child but failed to do so.

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