What did Shannon Marie Morgan do? Florida woman arrested after child found at home filled with 300 rodents  

Shannon Marie Morgan (Image via Sheriff Citrus/Twitter)
Shannon Marie Morgan (Image via Sheriff Citrus/Twitter)

Shannon Marie Morgan, a 38-year-old Florida woman, was arrested last week after authorities found her young son and mistreated pets in a house filled with 300 rodents.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Shannon Marie Morgan was taken into custody and charged with one count of willful child neglect and 12 counts of cruelty to animals after authorities responded to a call regarding possible animal cruelty at Morgan’s home in Florida.

A Florida woman was arrested after cops find bug infestation, feces, trash, 300 loose rodents, and a child in her home‼️😳

Upon arriving at the scene, police found hundreds of rodents scurrying around at Shannon Marie Morgan's home. Authorities also found her young child, who was found in a bedroom infested with rodents and trash. The waste of mistreated pets, including caged snakes and rodents, as well as a buildup of trash and feces, according to the authorities, caused a strong ammonia odor.

Shannon Marie Morgan arrested for animal cruelty

As per Law&Crime, deputies with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding possible animal cruelty at Shannon Marie Morgan’s home at approximately 6:56 pm on December 7.


Upon arrival, deputies and personnel with animal control were overwhelmed by the strong odor described as ammonia emanating from the residence overrun with close to 300 rodents. Authorities, after further inspection, found a child in the second bedroom, who was living amid cages and aquariums containing snakes and rodents, abandoned without food or water. Investigators said that the cages were filthy, with a buildup of fecal matter inside the area.

Investigators also found a caged dog and a ferret in similar conditions inside the house. Authorities said that the house was filled with dead rodents being eaten by the cats in the house, and the area was smeared with blood stains. The affidavit obtained by the outlet stated:

“There was a mattress where the victim slept which was lying directly on the ground and covered in roaches.”

The statement added:

“There were multiple cats within the room, some of which were actively eating a dismembering rat. I did not observe food or water anywhere in the residence for any animal. I did not observe any bowls lying around in order to provide the animals with food or water.”

Morgan told authorities she does not live at the house

@FloridaMan__ "bug infestation, feces, trash, 300 loose rodents, child"

Shannon Marie Morgan, who told deputies that she did not live at the residence, had reportedly become weary and depressed about the state of the house.

“While looking into the room the defendant stated she is aware that it has gotten bad but has not gotten help until today when she called a rodent company. She stated she does not live at the residence anymore and she only comes to the residence to check on it nightly due to the state it’s in.”

Morgan added that she was actively thinking about getting rid of the animals, including the pets. Sheriff Mike Prendergast released a statement regarding the arrest, saying:

“Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated. The conditions of this residence and the animals, in this case, were so bad, sheriff’s office personnel were cautioned about making entry. Neither children nor animals should ever endure this style of the environment.”

Shannon Marie Morgan was arrested at the scene, and her bond was set at $26000.

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