Where to buy Squid Game Token crypto? All about the currency as it surges 2400% in 24 hours

Squid Game Token is taking the crypto world by storm (Image via AnalyticsInsider)
Squid Game Token is taking the crypto world by storm (Image via AnalyticsInsider)

After dominating the entertainment world, Squid Game has taken over the cryptocurrency world, though one should invest at their own risk.

Netflix’s Squid Game has taken the world by storm ever since its release. The most-watched Netflix show of all time has resulted in several parodies, plagiarized adaptations, strange cosplays, and real-life recreations springing up around the globe. The latest item, though, might have the highest stakes of all.

On October 20, a cryptocurrency named Squid Game Token (SGT) was launched and sold out in seconds. Within a week of its existence, its value was already sky-high.

How to buy Squid Game Token?

The buying process of Squid Game’s cryptocurrency is not as straightforward as buying Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Squid Game crypto is listed on Binance Smart Chain.

  1. To buy SQUID, first, one must invest in one of the preexisting coins, like Bitcoin, from any exchange.
  2. Then, using Pancakeswap, which is a decentralized exchange, buyers can exchange these cryptos for SQUIDS.
  3. To enter the games, there is a present price, which, given the current demand, is sky-high.

In several rounds, players need to buy custom-made NFTs, which can go as high as 33,450 USD.

What is Squid Game Token (SGT)?

A brand new play-to-earn digital token, Squid Game Token, has hit the crypto market. Cashing in on the popularity of Squid Game, the new crypto has seen a momentous ascend, rising 62,833% since Tuesday to $7.54 Friday morning. Over the past 24 hours, it has surged over 147.26%%, according to Coin Market Cap.

The coin happens to be an entry ticket into an online version of the Squid Game. The game, which will have six levels like the show, is scheduled for November.

Once in the game, the plates can cross levels and collect more SGTs.

The currency code of this brand-new cryptocurrency is SQUID, with a logo resembling the card each participant was handed on the show.

At the time of this article, SQUID was priced at 13.62 USD.

Should you invest in SQUID?

While the current rates of SQUID are at an all-time high, several experts have questioned its authenticity. CoinMarketCap claimed it had received several complaints of users being unable to sell off the Squid Game Token on Pancakeswap.

The “White paper ” of SQUID states that the creators have used an “anti-dumping technology”, to ensure people can't sell off the coins if certain conditions are not met.

The much-hyped online game is also not available yet, and several users have speculated that the game developers are fake.

While the risks involved are sky-high, so are the projected returns. There is no denying, though, that the Squid Game craze is here to stay.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar