Where was Evelyn Geer last seen? Body reportedly found in search for missing 4-year-old girl in Florida

Evelyn Greer (Image via Charlotte County Sheriff
Evelyn Greer (Image via Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

Evelyn Geer, a missing four-year-old girl who wandered away from a Florida rental home, was reported missing on June 2, 2023. Authorities said that Evelyn Geer was last seen by her family at their VRBO rental home in Port Charlotte, Florida, past midnight on June 2 before she wandered off in her diapers.

Multiple reports reported that authorities raised the alarm around 6 am on June 2, soon after Geer was reported missing by her parents. Authorities, who stated that the young girl had been missing for several hours before she was reported missing, asked people to call enforcement with information leading to her whereabouts. In a missing person alert for the 4-year-old, authorities said:

“4-year-old Evelyn K. Geer (2-25-2019) has been missing for several hours. She wandered off from the VRBO home her family had been staying at on Barksdale St. in Port Charlotte (near Cochran and Collingswood). She was wearing a diaper at the time.”

However, in a devastating update, authorities announced that remains of a missing 4-year-old girl were found Friday behind her family's rental home in Florida. In a statement, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said her remains were found along the water's edge of a canal behind her family's home.

Online community mourns death of Evelyn Geer

On Friday, June 2, After Nearly a two-hour search, the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said while searching on a boat that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found the body of the missing 4-Year-old girl Evelyn Geer.

"(Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) located her about an hour ago while searching by boat. Please keep the family in your prayers as they go through this unbearable time."

Today.com citing a public information officer at the Port Charlotte Sheriff's Office reported that the missing girl’s family was local to the area and were staying in the rental house after they were displaced from their home.

Shortly after police provided the tragic update on social media, several people expressed their condolences to the family over the loss of their child. A social media user said:

“So heartbreaking. Our sincere condolences to her family.”

While another commented:

“How incredibly sad. Thank you for your service. This can't be easy for you either.”

Authorities have yet to disclose the cause and manner of Evelyn Geer's death.

In a similar incident, earlier in the week, Connor Mathis, a 16-year-old autistic student from Glynn Academy, was reported missing to the Georgia State Patrol on Monday, May 29.

Authorities pleading for information on the missing teen's whereabouts said that Connor was last seen Monday afternoon at Camp Jekyll. Camp officials raised the alarm after the teen who was present for afternoon activities failed to show up at a 5 p.m. regroup.

However, after a nearly 20-hour search, the body of Connor Mathis was found on Tuesday morning on a Jekyll Island beach.

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