Where was Karleigh Cardenas last seen? Family issues plea for help in search for missing Arizona teen

Karleigh Cardenas  (Image via Shaun Cardenas/Facebook)
Karleigh Cardenas (Image via Shaun Cardenas/Facebook)

Karleigh Cardenas, a 14-year-old teenager from Arizona, has reportedly been missing since she ran away from her family home in Casa Grande last month. The teen was reported to have run away with a 15-year-old boy from the neighborhood on Sunday, August 27, 2023.

A week after the incident, the missing teen’s family took to social media to plead for information that would lead to her whereabouts after the 15-year-old boy returned home without their daughter, Karleigh Cardenas.

In a Facebook post, the teen’s father, Shaun Cardenas revealed that his daughter, who was last seen leaving home on August 27, 2023, to run away with a 15-year-old boy, did not return with him on Friday.

Concerns were raised after the 15-year-old boy who ran away with the missing teen returned five days later with an insubstantial explanation for Karleigh Cardenas' absence. On Sunday, September 3, Shaun Cardenas, in a Facebook post, wrote:

“Last Sunday night my daughter Karleigh Cardenas (14) ran away with a young man (15) from the community. He spent five days with her. Then came back alone. We are desperately looking for her, and my heart has a bad feeling.”

Karleigh Cardenas' father implores people to help amplify the message of his daughter's disappearance

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the concerned father of missing Arizona teen Karleigh Cardenas implored the online community to help amplify the message of his daughter’s suspicious disappearance. Shaun Cardenas wrote that he suspects the worst as the 15-year-old boy she ran away with on Sunday, August 27, returned without his daughter.

Shaun revealed that he had also hired private investigators in search of his missing daughter, who he suspected was in the Glendale area. Shaun said that the family is perturbed as there are gaping inconsistencies in the 15-year-old boy’s stories concerning Karleigh's whereabouts. He said:

“We don’t know what story to believe. The signs are not good for my daughter. We are grieving now for the return of our daughter. I ask that you please private message me if you know anything.”

A missing-persons flier said that Karleigh's potential location could be in the Glendale area but asked people to keep a lookout as far as all of Phoenix Valley. He wrote:

“We need the police department's help! We have a bad feeling about this. We have exhausted ourselves looking for her. It’s time for me to ask the community to help us. She is very special to her family and we just want her home safe.”

Anyone with information about Karleigh was asked to contact the Casa Grande Police Department.

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