Who is Alexandra Eckersley’s father? Daughter of MLB star arrested for leaving newborn baby in the woods

(image via the Concord Monitor)
(image via the Concord Monitor)

Alexandra Eckersley was arrested on Monday, December 26, 2022, for leaving a newborn baby in the woods in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Alexandra Eckersley is the daughter of Dennis Eckersley, a former Major League Baseball player and color commentator. Dennis has also played for several teams, including the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.

Alexandra Eckersley, who is accused of leaving her pre-mature three-month old infant in a tent in the woods for over an hour, was reportedly homeless at the time of her arrest. According to NBC Boston, Alexandra's mother claims that the 26-year-old will be allowed to return to the family if she accepts treatment for her alleged drug addiction.

Authorities stated that she lied to them and called 911 to claim that she had given birth to the infant just an hour before the call and also gave them the wrong location. CBS Boston reported that Alexandra led the police in the wrong direction for almost an hour before she gave them the correct address.

Alexandra Eckersley has been charged with felony reckless conduct on allegations that she abandoned her child.

New Hampshire officials discuss the Alexandra Eckersley case

The police also reportedly said that it was nearly 19 degrees at the time the incident took place. When they found the baby, he was on the floor of the tent without clothes or even a blanket covering him.

In an official statement, Manchester authorities claimed that Eckersley initially misled 911 responders about the location of her child.

The statement read that authorities searched the area where Alexandra Eckersley directed them but were unable to find the child. After almost an hour of this, she revealed the real location where the baby was and led police there.

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said that under the circumstances, the child could have easily died. Aldenberg added that had they not found the child when they found him and given him the necessary care, he probably would have died in the tent.

As he condemned Alexandra Eckersley for what she did, Aldenberg added:

"If you choose to live in the woods, this city, this police department, many city departments, do outreach at these camps daily, seven days a week. So if you choose to in the woods and you refuse our outreach, you refuse services, so be it, that's your decision as an individual. But you don't get to do this to a child."

In an official statement, Manchester Fire Chief Jon Starr described the process of saving the 3-month old boy.

Starr said that as soon as they reached the location where the baby was, they began by assisting him with his breathing and keeping him warm. They then rushed him to the hospital in a fire engine. He added that they were all amazed that the infant was alive and continued that the efforts just spoke about the professionalism of first responders in the city.

Eckersley's defense attorney, Jordan Strand, said that his client may not have been in the right frame of mind at the time of the incident. Strand added that it was unreasonable to believe that Eckersley was disoriented, confused and might have even been suffering from hypothermia. The lawyer added that none of this would be an unreasonable possibility if she had just given "birth outside in the elements."

Law&Crime reported that the status of the child's health has not yet been disclosed.

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