Who is Baal in the Bible? Balenciaga ad scandal photos symbolism leaves internet disturbed

Balenciaga's campaign suggests demon worship (image via Twitter and Michael Kuenne)

Netizens are of the opinion that Balenciaga is promoting inappropriate ideas through its campaigns, most recently via its scandalous Spring 2023 ad campaign.

Trigger Warning: P*dophilia, child abuse

Several emerging details are linking the campaign to p*rnography, p*dophelia, and even satanism. The ad consists of images with objects that allude to the aforementioned themes.

The ad campaign features children posing with questionable items (Image via Twitter)
The ad campaign features children posing with questionable items (Image via Twitter)

One image shows a teddy bear in a b*ndage outfit, red shoes linking them to the influence of Tony Podesta, and more recently, yellow caution tape with the brand name misspelled as 'BAAL'enciaga, which people think refers to Baal, an ancient Canaanite demon god known for child sacrifice.

One of the pics from the Balenciaga child photos has Balenciaga tape spelled "BAALenciaga"Baal was the ancient Canaanite god, to whom children were sacrificed. Insanity. πŸ‘‡

Balenciaga's ad continues to stun the internet as disturbing themes about satanic gods arise

According to Christian demonology, Baal, sometimes called Bael, is regarded as one of the gods of hell. Most references to the name point to a singular deity, but in the Old Testament of the Bible, Baal is synonymously used with 'master' or 'lord.' In this context, it was a term of reverence and respect and not necessarily idol worship.

The name's meaning was misconstrued after Exodus 32 in the Bible when the golden calf idol was worshiped instead of God himself. Evidence suggests that those who worshiped Baal looked towards paganism, namely for rainfall to water their crops, strength to defeat their enemies, and fertility to produce children.

Some artistic depictions of the demon god Baal (image via Twitter)
Some artistic depictions of the demon god Baal (image via Twitter)

Furthermore, it was believed that pr*stitution and other sensual forms of worship were encouraged. As was the act of sacrifice, mostly of children, to appease the god of fertility.

Netizens have taken on this newfound knowledge and are stunned by Balenciaga allegedly promoting such themes. Although the brand has apologized for and rescinded the campaign, people are continuing to express their rage.

Many Twitter users have taken to the app to urge people to stop purchasing from the brand. One user even claimed that the name Balenciaga, when translated from Latin to English means "Baal is king."

@Dominiquetaegon Baal mentioned enough times in the Bible. Baphomet another deity/
The brand name Balenciaga was chosen for a reason. The misspelling BAALenciaga was intentional. Both are Latin. BAAL is the demon of child sacrifice.
Cult symbolism in this Balenciaga pic:- kid is wearing red shoes- white rabbit- the roll of yellow duct tape with Balenciaga on is misspelled BAAL, another name for Moloch- the child drawings show evidence of extreme trauma and ritual abuse:
@OliLondonTV You know what this just gets worse and worse. I just saw something about the dates on the wall being references to court dates dealing with pedo Cases
@OliLondonTV there is so much in these pictures. Every day I see more coming out

Twitter has a host of responses to the scandalous ad campaign that takes us down a rabbit hole of theories. The hashtag #BurnBalenciaga, started by conservative musician Bryson Gray, has started trending online. In the song, Gray urges people to follow in his footsteps as he is seen burning a pair of the brand's shoes in a yard. He adds that celebrities will attempt to influence the consumer by endorsing things like p*dophelia, and abuse.

Apart from slapping a $25 million lawsuit against North Six Inc (the production company) and Nicholas Des Jardins (the set designer), the parties responsible for the shoot, the Spanish-based fashion house is yet to respond to the claims against them.

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