Who is Howie the Crab? Owner shares video of viral TikTok pet’s successful molting

Laura Porter and Howie the Crab (Image via Facebook/@Laura Porter)
Laura Porter and Howie the Crab (Image via Facebook/@Laura Porter)

Howie the Crab, a rainbow crab known for her colorful appearance, completed a challenging molt, witnessed by her TikTok followers. This event was live-streamed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, allowing viewers to share in the excitement and relief as Howie came out of the process successfully.

Howie the crab is owned by Laura Porter, who has been caring for her since at least 2016. Porter often shares glimpses of Howie’s life on TikTok, where fans enjoy seeing the crab engaging in various activities. Whether dancing on the streets or sharing glimpses of her personal life, Howie has become one of the most sought-after crabs on the internet.

Porter's dedication to Howie's care is clear, and the recent molt was no exception. Fans eagerly tuned in to the live stream, showing their support for the duo.

Howie the Crab’s successful molting captivates fans

Porter had been sharing regular updates on Howie’s “Molt Watch” for weeks, building anticipation among fans who were anxious about the crab's condition. The live stream of the molt drew thousands of viewers, eager to witness the crucial moment.

After the successful molt, Porter shared the good news through videos on both Instagram and TikTok, where fans flooded the comments with their thoughts and feelings. One fan wrote on TikTok:

"Sending much love to you and Howie!"

Another follower added:

"This was both incredible and gut-wrenching to watch live. Can’t imagine what you were feeling in the moment!! Yay Howie."

Given Howie the Crab's advanced age, each molt comes with added challenges. Her last two molts were particularly difficult, making this recent molt a tense experience for everyone involved.

In February, Porter had announced that Howie the Crab was entering the beginning stages of her next molt and explained what to expect in the coming months.

"When Howie was a baby, she molted about every eight weeks. As she grew, it became longer and longer between molts. But the exact timing between molts is not consistent other than typically being between six and eight months at her current age and size."

Porter further added:

"Her last molt was eight months between molts. I was genuinely hoping for nine to ten months, but right now it’s been six months since her last molt."

Laura Porter goes above and beyond in caring for Howie, taking her on outdoor walks with a leash, much like a hard-shelled dog. Howie, often dressed in adorable hats and fed treats like caviar, has captured the hearts of many.

Remarkably, the duo communicates using sign language, a skill that Howie the Crab picked up by imitating Laura’s gestures. One of Porter’s most viral posts, which reached over 23 million views, featured Howie on a leash.

Laura carefully removed Howie from her tank with tongs to avoid damaging her shell, then placed her in a tub to harness her with a rainbow leash. The pair then embarked on a walk, with Howie donning a mini crown.

In another impressive TikTok, Howie the Crab showcased her ability to use sign language. Donning various knitted hats, Howie tapped her mouth with her claws to signal that she wanted food, a compilation video that further demonstrated the extraordinary bond between Howie and Laura.

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