Who is Josh Blue? All about the comedian with cerebral palsy who left AGT judges in splits with his rib-tickling performance

Josh Blue, who recently appeared on America's Got Talent Season 16 (Image via Josh Blue)
Josh Blue, who recently appeared on America's Got Talent Season 16 (Image via Josh Blue)

It was a blast from the past courtesy of Last Comic Standing alum Josh Blue in the latest episode of America’s Got Talent Season 16. Josh Blue has been one of the most memorable contestants on the popular reality show, and he has arrived again to win the hearts of the judges.

Josh Blue has evolved a lot since his last appearance on the show. He was very funny, and so it is hard to believe that he was eliminated from many places before the live shows.

Who is Josh Blue?

Josh Blue is a popular American comedian. He was voted the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show The Last Comic Standing Season 4 that aired from May to August 2006.

Josh Blue suffers from cerebral palsy, and his self-deprecating humor is mostly centered on this. He was born in Cameroon, and his father was a professor of Romance languages at Hamline University, teaching during a mission.

Josh Blue grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and did his graduation from Como Park Senior High School in 1997. He started his career as a comedian when he was seeking a creative writing degree at The Evergreen State College.


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Josh Blue is a resident of Denver, Colorado, and is a father of two children, a son, Simon, and a daughter, Seika. He was part of the 2004 U.S. Paralympic soccer team and also created and sold sculptures and paintings.

Josh Blue appeared on Last Comic Standing to make the audience aware that people with disabilities can make an impact.

In the final round of the show, Blue coined the term "palsy punch," saying that the palsy punch is effective in a fight because they don’t know where the punch is coming from, and neither does he.

Josh Blue was the first comedian to do stand-up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also appeared in the 2009 low-budget horror film Feast III: The Happy Finish.

Blue was also voted the 13th best comedian by viewers in Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Comedy Showdown 2010. He was also seen in Boulder band Rose Hill Drive’s music video “The Psychoanalyst.”


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Josh Blue on America’s Got Talent

In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, Josh Blue brought his self-deprecating stand-up skills. He told a joke about a time he got a free dinner:

“I was at a restaurant with a bunch of friends, and the server went around the table and took everybody’s order. And then when they got to me, they’re like, ‘And what will he have?’ My buddy was like, ‘I’m guessing a talk with your manager.’ Free dinner!”

This made the audience and the judges laugh. Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara were looking at each other and cracking up over Blue's joke. Heidi Klum and Terry Crews gave him a round of applause. It looks like Blue has already made it to the next round.

In terms of stand-up, Blue doesn’t feel shy about incorporating his disability into his jokes. According to CerebralPaldy.org, he once said:

“I believe people who come to see the stand-up show will leave my show with a different understanding of disability. My goal is to change people’s perceptions, especially before people say something stupid to a disabled person.”

The latest episode of America’s Got Talent was the fourth round of Season 16 auditions. Season 16 of America’s Got Talent airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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