Who is Storm Large? All you need to know about the former 'Rock Star: Supernova' contestant who received a standing ovation on America's Got Talent

Storm Large recently auditioned for America's Got Talent (Image via Flickr)
Storm Large recently auditioned for America's Got Talent (Image via Flickr)

Southboro singer Storm Large received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience on America’s Got Talent. She performed a whirlwind rendition of Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” for the NBC competition on June 15.

Heidi Klum said that Storm Large possessed the stage and added that she was incredible. Howie Mandel said he was mesmerized. Simon Cowell said that Large has an amazing voice, personality, and energy. Before saying “Yes,” Madel added,

“You’re under all of our skins.”

Who is Storm Large?

Storm Large grabbed nationwide attention when she appeared as a contestant on the CBS reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. She has been a rock artist for many years and has also been a part of the theater and the cabaret world.

Large resides in Portland, Oregon. She has been balancing her life performing with her own band across the country and touring with Portland-based band Pink Martini worldwide. She was born and raised in suburban Southborough, Massachusetts.

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Large graduated from St. Mark’s School in 1987. Her father, Henry Large, was a history teacher and a football team coach in the same school.

In 2002, Large moved to Portland, Oregon. She planned to quit music and attend the Western Culinary Institute. But her friend and the owner of the Portland rock club Dante’s, Frank Faillace, urged her to continue singing. She started performing again with a band called “The Balls.”

Large is bisexual. But she once said that she dislikes the term and instead calls herself “sexually omnivorous.”

Storm Large on her audition in America’s Got Talent

In a telephonic interview on June 14, Storm Large said that she was looking for an outlet after a year of COVID-19 lockdowns. Large’s audition was recorded in March. She said,

“The America’s Got Talent producers asked me to come in after I expressed some interest. I didn’t think, honestly, I would get anywhere. I’ve been on television before. Some folks remembered me. My first step was showing up in front of the judges. What an incredible opportunity.”

As the auditions were being shown, Storm Large was en route from Portland for a birthday visit to Southboro with a few detours along the way. She said she has a show scheduled in New York and plans to celebrate her birthday in Southboro with her best friends.

Large said that appearing on America’s Got Talent was very intense and quick. She enjoyed being surrounded by performers after the lockdown of the pandemic. She further added that she is confident about her voice but always gets nervous.

Storm Large will be celebrating her 53rd birthday on June 25. She says that she prefers a blueberry pie instead of a birthday cake.

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