Post Malone's new teeth: Rapper spends $1.6 million on diamond fangs

Image Via Damon Baker
Image Via Damon Baker

Post Malone's new teeth, worth well over one million dollars, were posted on Instagram in a black and white portrait of the artist. His new teeth have certainly set a new precedent for what constitutes an impressive smile in the industry.

In the past, Post Malone has been no stranger to body art and new ways to set himself apart from other artists in his sphere. This time, rather than a new set of tattoos on his face, he went for a brand new smile with some diamond flare.

The project was not subtle, and Post Malone had a collaborative team effort in order to reconstruct his smile, which cost around $1.6 million in total according to TMZ. The reconstruction included porcelain veneers across the board that also had some diamonds as the main attraction.

Post Malone's new natural porcelain veneers have two diamond fangs which are at a combined 12 carats in weight. On top of the diamonds, there were 28 separate units of restoration for the ceramic portion of the smile. Post Malone has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry, so the new move doesn't come as much of a surprise. However, there's a massive difference between over one million and over one hundred thousand.

How Post Malone had his new smile with diamond fangs created

Of course, Post Malone didn't magically get the natural porcelain veneers with diamonds created out of thin air. He had a team of full collaborations in order to get the million dollar project completed.

The dentist at the center of the project was a celebrity dentist named Thomas Connelly. On his Instagram page, he's the self proclaimed 'Father of Diamond Dentistry' and his posts certainly back that up. He has posts of his work on other celebrities such as Shaq and Travis Barker.

Thomas Connelly also confirmed that the process was certainly not covered by any insurance, which makes sense. It's not exactly necessary and Post Malone has plenty of money to spend on procedures like Diamond Fangs.

It wasn't just Thomas Connelly, though, who worked on the project for Post Malone. Naoki Hayashi was another cosmetic dentist who helped with the collaboration efforts. He works along the same lines as Thomas Connelly without the diamond aspect.

Finally, Post Malone also had a team for the diamonds themselves, which was done by Isaac Bokhoor and the rest of his team who are at Angel City Jewelers.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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