Who is Tilly Whitfield? Big Brother fame claims TikTok’s DIY “beauty hack” landed her in hospital

Tilly Whitfield aftermath of TikTok beauty hack (Image via @tillywhitfeld)
Tilly Whitfield aftermath of TikTok beauty hack (Image via @tillywhitfeld)

Tilly Whitfield is a cast member on the show "Big Brother" Australia, a reality game show where contestants live with other isolated housemates while avoiding eviction and winning a cash prize at the end.

After attempting an acupuncture DIY TikTok beauty hack on her face to remove scarring, Tilly Whitfield was hospitalized as the pigmentation of her skin was affected and she suffered from vision loss in one eye.

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Tilly Whitfield's Tiktok DIY attempt gone wrong

After the scary experience, Tilly Whitfield had warned her fans not to attempt hacks like that at home.

Tilly continued to explain how her face had become unrecognizable and began to get sick from the swelling and other previously stated consequences to her actions. She continues to remind everyone to leave it all to the professionals to avoid her mistakes and repeatedly mentioned that she had regretted her decision.

Tilly had tried this earlier which was why she always wore make up on set, but then tried it again about a week ago which was what had resulted in this trip to the hospital. She then had to start wearing a clay mask instead of her make-up to help heal the damage done to her face.

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Fans wondered why Tilly Whitfield had been wearing a clay mask on set

"For those asking why I have my blue clay face mask on continuously throughout the show this is what my face looked like a week prior to entering the house hence why I always have makeup on and my skin is always covered,"she explained, alongside a few photos of herself showing the reaction she had."

Everyone continued to support Tilly Whitfield on her journey to recovering from the self-inflicted injury, which she calls a stupid mistake and tells others not to attempt it. Through this painful and embarrassing experience she has been able to laugh at herself for the mistake she made without being too hard on herself.

She will now continue to play in season 2 even after being hospitalized.


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