Who was Yrma Lydya? 21-year old Mexican singer shot dead by 79-year old husband inside restaurant

Yrma Lydya was shot dead the age of 21 (Image via Yrma Lydya/Facebook)
Yrma Lydya was shot dead the age of 21 (Image via Yrma Lydya/Facebook)
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Mexican singer, 21-year-old Yrma Lydya was reportedly shot and killed by her husband, 79-year-old Jesús Hernández Alocer, at a restaurant on June 23.

Omar García Harfuch, Mexico's security secretary, said that the lawyer shot Lydya thrice. Following the shooting, Alcocer and another woman who was with him were detained.

Witnesses stated that they saw an argument break out between a gray-haired man and a young woman. Following the argument, the man shot the woman and it later turned out that the man was Alcocer while the woman was Lydya - his wife.

BREAKING REPORT: Mexican singer Yrma Lydia, 21, 'SHOT DEAD by her lawyer husband, 79, inside Mexico City restaurant before he tried to BRIBE cops and escape with security guard'...
Señalan que Jesus Hernández Alcocer el presunto asesino de Yrma Lydia fue denunciado por ella en diciembre de 2021 , pero por sus “influencias” nada sucedió . Veremos cuanta porquería sale alrededor de esta “fichita de abogado”.

Paramedics arrived at the restaurant soon after the shooting and tried to save Yrma Lydya, who reportedly had no vital signs. The Mexican singer died as a result of gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, the singer's 79-year-old husband tried to flee in his car but was captured by the cops. Alcocer even tried to bribe the cops to prevent his arrest.

It is worth noting that Alcocer has been accused of extortion in the past as well.

Everything known about Yrma Lydya

Born in 2001, Yrma Lydya was a well-known musician, dancer, and actress. She was the daughter of Carlos Quinones, one of the most famous businessmen from Mexico and the founder of Group Radio Comunicaion, SA in 1960.

Sources say that she developed an interest in music at a very early age. Initially, she wasn't a very famous name. However, she got her biggest break after she got to sing El Viejo del Sombrero with Lucho Argain’s Sonora Dinamita at an event in 2017.

Lydya was the daughter of Carlos Quinones (Image via Yrma Lydya/Facebook)
Lydya was the daughter of Carlos Quinones (Image via Yrma Lydya/Facebook)

Lydya appeared on the special edition of the Canal de las Estrellas during the national holidays. She also featured on Reventon Musical, Bandamax and Noche con Carlos Cuevas. She was later invited by the cast of GranDiosas to participate in a handful of concerts.

Speaking about the invitation, she said:

“For me it is an honor to share the stage with these great singers that I have admired since I was a child, being part of GRANDIOSAS is a dream for me because singing and learning from these Goddesses is for me a great unimaginable privilege that I am now performing.”

Lydya collaborated with many artists throughout her career and the Mexican Chamber of Deputies even gave her the National Culture Award. She was performing at Grandiosas before her death, which featured famous singers like Mara Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villarreal, and more.

Rise in crime in Mexico

According to various reports, gender-based violence has increased in Mexico, leading to a rise in crime. When President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was asked about it, he said that former president Felipe Calderon was responsible for the incidents.


Obrador has previously ordered the release of a Sinaloa cartel boss to decrease the crime rate. He stated that his government isn't planning on sending drug cartel leaders to prison and even launched a policy called 'hugs, not bullets.'

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