"Daylight robbery" - Eminem's new 'Mom's Spaghetti' restaurant menu prices under fire 

Eminem in the promo for "Mom's Spaghetti" restaurant (image via Eminem/Facebook, and EminemMusic/ YouTube)
Eminem in the promo for "Mom's Spaghetti" restaurant (image via Eminem/Facebook, and EminemMusic/ YouTube)

On September 29, singer-songwriter and Oscar-winning rapper Eminem opened a new restaurant in Downtown Detroit. The restaurant is named “Mom’s Spaghetti” after the most-famed part of his lyrics in the singer’s Oscar-winning song, Lose Yourself.

The lyrics of this 2002 hit song from Eminem’s movie 8 mile, include:

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already. Mom’s spaghetti.”

Eminem (aka Slim Shady) also surprised fans by serving them the items from the food window. However, this was only exclusive to the first ten customers. According to the Detroit Free Press, the new diner/restaurant line was reaching several blocks afar by the time it opened.

Where is Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant situated? All about the new diner

Eminem serves Mom’s Spaghetti to a fan (Image via Scott Legato/Getty Images)
Eminem serves Mom’s Spaghetti to a fan (Image via Scott Legato/Getty Images)

The restaurant is located in Downtown Detroit (the rapper’s hometown), inside the new Union Assembly restaurant at 2131 Woodward Avenue. It is situated at the alley between Union Assembly and The Fillmore, across Comerica Park.

“Mom’s Spaghetti” was formed in a partnership between Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg and the Union Joints restaurant group. The same firm also helped Eminem launch a pop-up “trial” version of the restaurant at The Shelter in 2017. This time, the project took a permanent location and time route.

The 48-year old legendary singer’s manager Paul Rosenberg mentioned this in their press release:

“The previous pop-ups were really a test for us to determine whether there was enthusiasm for a regularly-occurring Mom’s Spaghetti spot that would be open all year long.”

Furthermore, he also mentioned an adjacent upstairs store, called The Trailer, which will sell Eminem merchandise exclusively.

Meanwhile, the co-owner of Union Joints said:

“When we were first tapped to create the pop-ups, it was an honor for all of us involved. The opportunity to build a permanent location based on an incredibly meta-reference was one that everyone at Union Joints, as a Metro Detroit restaurant group, took very seriously.”

How Eminem’s fans are reacting to the exorbitant prices of the menu

The menu includes three primary dishes - Mom’s Spaghetti ($9), Mom’s Spaghetti with meatballs ($12), Mom’s Spaghetti with Rabbit balls (Vegan), and a S’ghetti Sandwich ($11) along with water and pop (soda).

The restaurant's expensive menu garnered a lot of criticism from Eminem’s (aka Marshall Mathers III) fans.

@ladbible $9 for spaghetti seems like a lot
@ladbible $14 for spaghetti with plant based balls.Daylight robbery.
@ladbible Imagine asking $12 for Spaghetti Meatballs. The audacity.
@TheSmithRowe @ladbible I read that price, my arms got heavy
@ladbible There’s a slim chance I’m visit this shady place, Id be pleased to stand up and walk out with them prices 😯

However, some fans were also excited to visit the restaurant.

Here’s the line for @Eminem new restaurant #MomsSpaghetti in Downtown Detroit 😳
I appreciate that Eminem's restaurant is called Mom's Spaghetti but I wish he had named it Ate Mile.
Currently at the launch of Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” restaurant. The man in the front of the line tells me he’s been waiting since 8:30 am
Eminem just opened a restaurant in Detroit named "Moms Spaghetti". There’s hope for our future.

Despite some negative feedback, Em’s manager Paul said:

“...the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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