Why is internet "scared" of Bill Hader after Barry season 4 episode 6 titled The Wizard?

A still from Barry (Image via HBO)
A still from Barry (Image via HBO)

With the fourth season underway, Barry has established its dark humor like a cloud above the television world. The fourth and final season of the show released its sixth episode on May 14, 2023, bringing back the fan-favorite Bill Hader and his story of revenge and hatred. This is something new and different from the latest season.

The new episode saw some of the most fascinating sequences so far, but nothing would match Sally's (played by Sarah Goldberg) near escape after her house was nearly flipped by Barry Berkman. With Barry still in his hunting tendencies following his escape from the prison, Bill Hader orchestrated a surreal home invasion in this episode. It saw him pose as a body-suited ghost-like figure take at Sally's home and ultimately ram her house before driving back to the desert. However, very little was explained about this scene.

This brief and surreal scene created massive tension in the episode, something that was otherwise lacking till the point.

This was also one of the scenes that excited Barry fans, becoming an instant topic of discussion. Bill Hader's direction and behavior in the rest of the episode were enough to start a conversation online, where fans claimed that they were afraid of the comic actor.

Fans are spooked by Bill Hader's home invasion scene in the latest episode of Barry season 6

Of course, Berkman has done so much that it is worth getting scared of before. However, nothing was this meticulous and surreal at the same time. In an almost horror film way, this carefully measured sequence built up and released the tension of a frightening scene.

The sequence concluded with the truck backing off in the desert after nearly flipping the house. The build-up to this scene, which saw the shadowy figure follow Sally in a black body suit, became a major topic on the internet today. While SNL episodes may not indicate this, Bill Hader can be scary and write and direct scarier.

This has also probed fans to demand a horror film from Hader, who seems to have nailed the genre in the latest episode. This scene, combined with Barry's rapidly deteriorating psyche, has established the dynamic perfectly for the future of the series, where things are definitely going to get more muddled up. This will not be surprising, considering how Jordan Peele also came from a comic background but instantly became one of the most revered horror directors.

One of the main reasons for Hader's use of horror or the dark side of human nature could be because of his approach to the genre. Previously, the actor/director revealed in an interview with Men's Health that he lets anxiety fuel the characters and the writing, perhaps leading to the kind of sequences we saw in the latest episode. He said:

"Oh yeah. I mean, I think that anxiety fuels some of it, within the writing and what some of the characters go through. Without a doubt....And also sometimes you use it in the performances. It’s OK to open up to that. The biggest thing I’ve learned about anxiety is that the more I fought it, the worse it got. So, you kind of have to let it in,...It's very cathartic to be able to put that stuff in for the characters, and also use it in the performance."

Anyhow, the Bill Hader show will surely go into a darker place in the following episodes, which would also serve as the conclusion to the series.

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