Why did Kristen Bell find it funny shooting romantic scenes in Netflix's The Woman in The House?

Kristen Bell in The Woman in the House (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kristen Bell in The Woman in the House (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Woman in the House, a dark comedy starring Kristen Bell, will premiere on Netflix on Friday, January 28.

Inspired by A.J. Finn's 2018 novel The Woman in the Window, the show combines the absurd and the bizarre for a show centered on Anna, a woman with a drinking problem who believes she's been a witness to a murder. The satire sprinkled throughout the new Netflix original mocks the thrillers that have saturated the pop culture cinema for decades.


Kristen Bell's reaction to shooting romantic scenes in Netflix's The Woman in The House

Ahead of the series premiere, the cast of The Woman in The House gave a short sneak peek at their experience on the show. Kristen Bell, who plays the titular role of Anna and is an executive producer of the show, found it difficult to shoot romantic scenes. Two particular scenes were challenging to film because she would always end up laughing.

The first scene was outdoors with her co-star Michael where he brought her Red Vines. They had this getting-lost-in-each-other's-eyes moment that was interrupted by a barking dog. The second scene involved a moment with her co-star Tom where he tries to clean her casserole dish. The director had to make their hands accidentally brush against each other's, which would spark a romance between them.

While both men were attempting to be very romantic with their dialogues, the circumstances of the scenes were absurd. She went on to say that both these guys were wonderful actors, but they were also hilarious and goofy so it was difficult to get through both the scenes.

What to expect from Netflix's The Woman in the House

The series' plot revolves around Anna, a heartbroken woman who attempts to numb her pain with pills and a copious amount of wine. Anna becomes entangled in a gruesome murder investigation when Neil, a charming single father, moves into the house across the street with his daughter Emma.

What Anna doesn't realize is that her bookish and rational ex-husband, Douglas Whitaker may be more involved in the mystery than she realizes. She, like the heart of any mystery, transforms into a completely different woman.

With eight episodes each being thirty-minutes long, the limited series The Woman in the House releases on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

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