Wu-Tang Clan drops varsity-themed merch: Where to buy, price, and more about the limited edition collection

Wu-Tang Clan launched its varsity-style merchandise (Image via Wu-Tang Clan)
Wu-Tang Clan launched its varsity-style merchandise (Image via Wu-Tang Clan)

Wu-Tang Clan recently launched its limited edition varsity-style merchandise. The brand is solely run by Wu-Tang Productions.

The American group plans to capitalize on its iconic 30-year reign in hip-hop by releasing its merch. Wu-Tang entered into a partnership with Crooked Youth to design a new collection for Shopify’s e-commerce platform.

The merchandise will connect a true artist to its fans. The store will sell exclusive Wu-Tang merchandise in addition to housing all Clan related information.

All about Wu-Tang Clan varsity-style merch, price, and more

The price for the brand new Wu-Tang jacket collection ranges from $249 USD to $299 USD. One can get their hands on the limited-edition merch that is available on the hip hop group's website, along with other merchandise.

The latest collection consists of varsity-style and moto-style jackets, laying greater emphasis on outerwear. All of the jackets, labeled as All City, are introduced in six different colorways.

The All City style showcases the remarkable Wu-World logo on the chest. Further detailed with stylized W logo on the sleeves. The distinct color combinations of the collection include black with gray, red with blue, navy and white and so on.

The moto-style is labeled as Souvenir jacket that features both the Wu-World logo on chest along with a distinctively designed W logo. Souvenir jackets are released with black as a common color in three distinct color combinations with pink, gold, and red.

Torrie Anderson, the Director of Music Publishing at Wu-Tang Productions, said,

“For the past few years we’ve been licensing out the logo, which has been great, but it’s nice to have full creative control again. It feels like the brand is finally home”.

RZA files lawsuit against Wu-Tang Clan bootleggers

Not long ago, the de facto leader of Wu-Tang, RZA filed a $2 million lawsuit against various e-commerce stores for selling items illegally with the Wu-Tang Clan logo on them.

Complex reported that the American rapper took the bootleggers to court for trademark infringement, counterfeiting, and false designation of origin.

The illegal entities are believed to be running their businesses from China and have been using the Clan’s trademark to make it look like authentic merchandise.

RZA wants companies like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress to stop promoting the sale of the illegitimate products.

The lawsuit documents state that,

“Many defendants also deceive unknowing consumers by using the Wu-Tang Clan Trademarks without authorization within the content, text, and/or meta tags of their e-commerce stores to attract various search engines crawling the Internet looking for e-commerce stores relevant to consumer searches for Wu-Tang Clan products.”
“Other e-commerce stores operating under the Seller Aliases omit using the Wu-Tang Clan Trademarks in the item title to evade enforcement efforts while using strategic item titles and descriptions that will trigger their listings when consumers are searching for Wu-Tang Clan products.”

Earlier in 2017, RZA sued a dog-walking company named as Woof-Tang Clan for trademark infringement, blaming that the logo was “unmistakably associated” with the Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA wishes to block all the stores that continue to sell imitation merchandise.

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