Noah Beck called out for allegedly "queer-baiting" in latest photo shoot

Noah Beck is being criticized for his latest photo shoot (image via defnoodles, Twitter)
Noah Beck is being criticized for his latest photo shoot (image via defnoodles, Twitter)

TikTok star Noah Beck recently published a photo of himself in fishnets and a pair of heels on Instagram. It was a photo shoot for VMAN Magazine. Soon after, people on the internet were calling the photo shoot disrespectful and queer-baiting. The mob ordered its removal.

In the latest cancelation drive on Twitter, Beck has been catching flak for allegedly disrespecting the LGBTQIA+ community. The risqué photoshoot has been getting mixed reactions on Twitter, with some users siding with Beck.

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Noah Beck divides Twitter over allegedly "queer-baiting" in his latest photoshoot

For those out of the loop, queer-baiting is defined as:

"A marketing technique for fiction and entertainment in which creators hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance or other LGBTQ representation."

While many are flooding the Instagram post with hateful comments, calling him a homophobe and a queer-baiter, some Twitter users have completely flipped the dissenter's narrative.

Pro-Beck supporters pointed out the hypocrisy of queer-baiting claims by saying that those enforcing dogma about men wearing female clothing and accessories are bigoted.

By slamming Beck for wearing heels, people accusing him of queer-baiting are re-affirming gender bias and upholding conventional perceptions of masculinity.

By debunking queer-baiting claims in his latest photo shoot, the internet seems to be swaying in favor of Beck. But the TikToker has yet to address the fiasco.

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