The rumored Zoe Laverne eating discharge video leaves Twitter scandalized

Image via Zoe Laverne/Pinterest
Image via Zoe Laverne/Pinterest

In what is perhaps one of the most disturbing rumors to have surfaced online recently, controversial TikTok star Zoe Laverne is alleged to have been caught on camera eating discharge.

Just days after taking the internet by surprise with her pregnancy announcement, the recent rumors surrounding Zoe Laverne allegedly eating discharge have led to an outbreak of disgust and aversion online.

While it is unknown how the rumor first surfaced on the internet, it has soon spread like wildfire, with several Twitter users claiming to have seen the video themselves.

However, it appears that the video does not involve her eating discharge, rather according to a Twitter user who goes by the name just_twltter, the leaked video revolves around Zoe Laverne engaging in an explicit act.

In the blurry video, it is tough to ascertain if it is indeed Zoe Laverne or not in the first place.

With the tweet seemingly ruling out the possibility of the discharge rumor, Twitter users were nevertheless left scandalized as they reacted to the same.

The Zoe Laverne eating discharge video rumors explained

Zoe Laverne is perhaps one of the most polarizing TikTok stars on the internet today.

The 19-year-old TikToker has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late, having been caught in a major social media storm ever since a video of her kissing 13-year-old Connor Joyce went viral online.

Since then, she has been subjected to a persistent wave of criticism online, with several members of the community labeling her as a "groomer" and a "pedophile," and with a majority also calling for her cancelation.

If that wasn't enough, she recently found herself in the limelight again after announcing that she was pregnant and that her current boyfriend, Dawson Day, is the father of her child.

Her pregnancy announcement invited backlash from Twitter users as several of them did not want Zoe Laverne to be anywhere near a child, given her alleged grooming history.

The recent discharge video rumors seem to have only been exacerbated her controversial persona all the more as several people were left scandalized and grossed out at the mere thought of it:

As Twitter continues to ponder over the truth behind this alleged video, it seems like it is just another far-fetched rumor that has been widely circulated online.

Given her controversial history, the fact that many users are buying into this rumor is not surprising and rather serves as a further testament to her polarizing reception.

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