"Nothing happened"- Gary Busey denies allegations of harassment amid recent controversies

Gary Busey (Image via Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
Gary Busey (Image via Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Gary Busey has denied all allegations of s*exual assault against him and believes that the accusers have made up the stories to frame him.

Gary Busey has been accused of criminal s*xual contact and harassment during the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey earlier this month. One of the accusers has claimed that Busey put his face close to the woman's breasts and inappropriately asked where she got them.

The accuser has also claimed that he attempted to unlatch her bra. Another accuser from the same event has reported that Busey grabbed her b*tt. According to the police, a man called to complain about Busey grabbing his daughter's b*tt.


Gary Busey has denied all the accusations of s*xual harassment against him. On August 22, Busey was asked by a photographer in Malibu about his reaction to the allegations. The actor noted that "nothing happened" while he was at the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey. He stated:

"I don't carry any regrets with me ever. None of it happened. It took less than 10 seconds and they left. Then they made up this story and I assaulted them s*xually. I did not. Nothing happened. Nothing. It was all false."

Busey also claimed that a photographer, along with his partner and one other person, can back up his version of the story. When he was asked if he acted inappropriately, Busey denied it outright. He said:

"No, I was not. I was not inappropriate at all."

Recent controversy related to Gary Busey's inappropriate park video

In the same video, where Busey denied having s*xually assaulted anybody, he also denied being inappropriate in another video of him sitting in a park with his pants down.


As per Page Six, the paparazzi caught Busey sitting in a public park in California with his pants down. While sitting at Point Dume Park in Malibu, he put his black sweatpants on his knees and looked around the area with a giant smile on his face.

In 2014, Gary also got into a fight with several of his housemates on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother for pulling his pants down during one of the episodes.

Busey explained the situation and noted that he did so due to his knee issues. He said:

"When my knee pops out on the lateral side, I sit down and restrap the knee. You haven’t been to the doctor. You haven’t had a bad knee."

However, the star did not seem to be adjusting his knees in the latest video of him pulling his pants down in public.

It is also unknown whether Gary Busey's inappropriate actions in the park came from his mental health issues that cropped up after a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1988. As per Page Six, Busey's eldest son, Jake, once said:

"The post-accident version of him turned his personality up to 11... I feel like I lost my dad on December 4, 1988.”

While Gary Busey has denied all the allegations, he has been charged with two counts of criminal s*xual contact, one count of criminal attempt or criminal s*xual contact, and one count of harassment.

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