People Magazine Investigates: What are the names of the victims of Lewis Clark Valley murders?

From 1979 to 1982, Lewis Clark Valley saw the disappearances and murders of five individuals (Image via Audible, Facebook)
From 1979 to 1982, Lewis Clark Valley saw the disappearances and murders of five individuals (Image via Audible, Facebook)

Beginning in 1979, the Lewis Clark Valley murders were a series of disppearances and murders in and around the neighborhood located along the Idaho-Washington border, which shocked the nation.

The names of the five victims were Kristin David, Kristina Nelson, Jacqueline "Brandy" Miller, Christina White and Steven Pearsall.

The series of incidents started on April 28, 1979, with the disappearance of 12-year-old Christina White, and ended with the Lewiston Civic Theatre murders in 1982.

It was only years after the occurrences that authorities were ultimately able to link all the cases with several other similar occurrences around the neighbouring areas of the small town. However, the cases were never solved.

Over four decades later, ID's People Magazine Investigates revisited the cold-cases that detectives are yet to find a perpetrator for.

On Monday, June 27, in an episode titled Death Valley, the show revisited the gruesome alleged murder cases of the five individuals that still have the small neighborhood living in terror of a serial killer who is yet to be found.

Lewis Clark Valley murders: What happened to the five victims?


In the years between 1979 and 1982, an alleged killer reportedly terrorised Lewis Clark Valley, a small town roughly situated near the borders of Idaho and Washington. It was here that five individuals of varied ages, genders, and physical descriptions went missing under mysterious circumstances. Most of their dead bodies were eventually discovered in horrifying conditions, while some were never found again.

Christina White, a 12-year-old school-going kid, disappeared in 1979 while returning home from a friend's house just a few blocks away from her residence. White reportedly made a phone call before the incident, complaining about the excruciating summer heat. However, she never returned home that day.

Her disappearance was followed by Kristin David's homicide about two years later.

During the summer of 1981, on June 26, college senior David disappeared while cycling along a 32-mile long track which she was using to return to her home in Lewsiton, Idaho from her university in Moscow, Idaho.

Over a week later, the 22-year-old's mutilated dead body (at least what seemed like her complete body) was discovered in trash bags by a fisherman along the coast of the neighbouring Snake River, close to Clarkston, Washington.

The two incidents were followed by the killings of 18-year-old Jacqueline "Brandy" Miller and 21-year-old Kristina Nelson in September 1982. Miller and Nelson left their apartment to run a few errands in the neighborhood with clear intentions of returning home, as proved by a note the latter left for her partner.

However, the two Lewiston Civic Theatre employees never returned home that night and about two years later, in 1984, their remains were discovered off Highway 3, a few miles outside of town.

The disappearances were immediately followed by the case of Steven Pearsall, a Civic Theatre janitor, who also disappeared the same night as Miller and Nelson. He was never seen again after he was dropped off at his workplace around midnight, pushing his case closer to that of White's.

Unfortunately, it has been over 43 years since the case was first launched at Lewis Clark Valley, and as of now, detectives are no closer to pegging down a perpetrator.

People Magazine Investigates revisited the horrific murders and mysterious disappearances of Lewis Clark Valley in their latest episode that aired on Monday, June 27, 2022.

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