'Renovation, Inc: The Lake House': What are Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's net worth?

Image Courtsy of HGTV Online Portal
Image Courtsy of HGTV Online Portal

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler rose to fame through HGTV's show Renovation, Inc. The duo have nurtured a popular following on HGTV with shows like House of Bryan and Disaster DIY. With Renovation, Inc. set to make its comeback, its popularity and scale have never been grander.

What you need to know about 'Renovation, Inc: The Lake House'


The return of Sarah and Bryan Baeumler to Renovation, Inc. has them focused on building their dream lakehouse. The couple have been together for 16 years and dedicate their lives to renovation projects. Undaunted by the scale of their work, some of their projects go all the way to resorts in the Bahamas.

Bryan has had a passion for handy work and building since the age of 14. It served as the bedrock for his company, Moon River Handymen. After graduating from the Western University in 1996, he launched Bauelmer Quality Construction Inc., the company that has been leading his financial success till now.

The Bauelmer financial wealth

It is no surprise that the Bauelmer family have accrued tremendous financial success. Owing to their hard work from a young age, the couple have propelled themselves to a collective net worth of $20 million.

Ruminating on this, Bryan told Distractify,

"My dad taught me a lot, and he still shows up and helps out, although he is retired. When I first started out, he came outside and pointed at the name Baeumler Construction on the side of my truck and said, 'That's my name too. Make sure you don't mess it up!'"

He further added,

"We build things, we build them well, and that is what I love. I am happiest when I am constructing, and I enjoy the attention to detail and the quality that it demands."

Harboring immense passion for their craft and career, there is no doubt that Sarah and Bryan Baeumler will deliver on all fronts. Renovation, Inc. promises to be a roaring success.

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