Who is Solia? All about the K-pop group that lasted for five days

Solia announces their disbandment in record time, shocking fans (Image via Space Music Entertainment)
Solia announces their disbandment in record time, shocking fans (Image via Space Music Entertainment)

After news of Solia's disbandment was made public, the internet was shocked and confused as the K-pop group had debuted just five days prior to the announcement.

The five-member girl group was revealed to have disbanded on 22 August 2021 via their official Instagram account.

As news regarding Solia's future broke, members of the K-pop community took to social media to express their thoughts on the short lifespan of the K-pop group.

Solia: The K-pop group that lasted for five days

Solia was a five-member K-pop girl group under Space Music Entertainment. Currently, the label has signed acts such as Heo Yu Jin and K-pop groups HI CUTIE and Like Me. Solia debuted on 17 August 2021 with their single Dream.

The members of Solia were Soyeon, Soree, Suna, Hayeon and Eunbi. Prior to being a part of Solia, Soyeon and Soree were members of the dance performance team "Remember". Suna, Hayeon and Eunbi were under Good Dream Entertainment as members of the girl group SIOSIJAK until its eventual disbandment.

On 22 August 2021, a new post was uploaded to Solia's official Instagram account, stating that the group had disbanded. While the circumstances surrounding the decision were not specified, it is believed that the company did not have the required funds to manage the group.

The post encouraged fans to follow the members and continue supporting them on whatever journey they take after the end of Solia.

Once the news caught wind of K-pop fans all over the world, they began to send in their sympathy for the members and aimed their criticism at the company.

Solia's disbandment breaks the record for the fastest time a K-pop group has disbanded since their debut.

While other groups have had short lifespans, Solia's is at the top. A few examples of K-pop groups that disbanded quickly in comparison to others in the industry are girl group Kiss&Cry, which debuted in January 2014 and disbanded sometime by August the same year; and boy group Demion, which debuted in September 2013 and disbanded in October 2014.

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