3 K-pop idols other than iKON's Bobby that revealed their secret relationships

Who are 3 K-pop idols that openly revealed their relationships? (Image via P Nation)
Who are 3 K-pop idols that openly revealed their relationships? (Image via P Nation)

While K-pop idols are inadvertently pressured to keep their relationships hidden or are completely barred from dating, that doesn't mean they completely abstain from the practice.

In order to circumvent this, K-pop idols often date in complete secrecy, protecting their own image as well as their partner's. Some idols have managed to make real connections despite all the hurdles they go through - so much so that they reveal the truth and openly tell their fans, with the goal of staying truthful to them. iKON's Bobby revealed all about his own relationship yesterday, on August 20, 2021.

Here are 3 other K-pop idols that revealed their secret relationships to the world.

Which K-pop idols confessed to their relationship?

1) Chen of EXO

Early 2020 came bearing shocking news for fans of EXO, as Chen revealed in a handwritten letter that he would be marrying his long-term girlfriend. (who is a non-celebrity) and that she was pregnant. On January 13, it was revealed by a South Korean news outlet that Chen's wedding with his girlfriend took place.

Chen enlisted to complete his mandatory military service a few months later, on October 26. Reportedly, the singer was able to return temporarily in-between his service to celebrate his child's 1st birthday.

2) Changmin of TVXQ

2020 saw the announcement of another couple; this time, with Changmin of TVXQ. Through a handwritten letter, the K-pop idol announced that he would be getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend in September later that year.

His agency, SM Entertainment, later confirmed the news and asked reporters to respect the couple's privacy and not snoop in on the wedding. Changmin met his current-wife through a mutual acquaintance who introduced the two.

3) Hyuna and Dawn

Hyuna and Dawn's story is one that many K-pop fans in the community know. Their relationship began while the two were still with their previous agency, Cube Entertainment. Dawn (previously known as E'Dawn) was a part of the K-pop group Pentagon, while Hyuna was a soloist at the time.

On August 2, 2018, rumors broke that the two were dating. While Cube denied it, the K-pop couple openly announced their relationship through an interview with a news agency. They were subsequently removed from the agency and their contracts terminated. Hyuna and Dawn joined Psy-owned label P Nation in 2019 as soloists, and the two are due to have a release very soon as a duo.

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