Who is Bobby's girlfriend? Fans speculate as iKon member announces partner's pregnancy and marriage plans

iKON's Bobby has announced his status as a father-to-be (Image via YG Entertainment)
iKON's Bobby has announced his status as a father-to-be (Image via YG Entertainment)

iKON's Bobby has taken the K-pop community by storm after his latest Instagram post caused heads to turn.

The K-pop idol announced that he is a father-to-be, as his partner was pregnant and they'd also be getting married soon.

After the post went live, fans were left in shock. Many are still processing the news, though congratulations for the happy couple have already started pouring in.

iKON's Bobby announces marriage plans and partner's pregnancy

The news arrived on August 20. The musician uploaded a lengthy handwritten letter to his Instagram account, as well as a caption explaining his current situation.

He stated that he has promised to marry his partner and that they had a baby on the way. Bobby also apologized to his fans and all those who supported him for the sudden news.

Bobby, or Kim Ji-won, is a rapper for the group iKon under YG Entertainment. The idol made his official debut under the group in 2015 with My Type. He is also part of the duo sub-unit MOBB, along with WINNER's Song Min-ho.

After the announcement, many people began to send congratulatory messages to Bobby and posted about their excitement for his future.

Who is iKON's Bobby's girlfriend?

After Bobby's statement went live, one big question remained. Who is Bobby's partner? The idol did not disclose her identity in the letter, leading fans to speculate whether they were a celebrity.

The identity of Bobby's partner remains unknown. They may choose to reveal themselves in the future, but until then, the mystery remains unsolved.

Many fans guessed that his partner might be someone out of showbusiness, as someone involved in the line of work would be easy to point out.

Earlier this year, iKON was on Mnet's idol competition show, Kingdom: Legendary War, along with K-pop groups BtoB, SF9, Ateez, The Boyz, and Stray Kids.

A travel-reality show starring all of the members of iKON titled "Icon of Taste: One Summer Night" will be releasing sometime this year. Fans missing out on Bobby and the rest of iKON's antics can look forward to it.

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