Top 5 male K-pop rappers in 2021

Pictured left to right are J-Hope, RM, Bobby, Suga, and JinJin (Images via Twitter)
Pictured left to right are J-Hope, RM, Bobby, Suga, and JinJin (Images via Twitter)

Many K-pop groups have an official "rapper" position, with some even having two or more depending upon the group's size. With so many rappers in the industry, there is intense competition to become the best.

Among the competition pool are K-pop idols who began rapping after they joined a label, and others that have been rapping way before they even signed on to agencies as trainees - each one valid for their journey.

Featured on this list are several rappers that have been noted by fans as to being at the top of the industry.

Disclaimer: The rankings mentioned here have been compiled by the fan-voting website King Choice.

Who are the top 5 male K-Pop rappers?

5) J-Hope of BTS

J-Hope, is a part of the 7-member group BTS, under Big Hit Music. He ranked at #5 with 326,712 upvotes and 12,268 downvotes. He is the main dancer and a rapper for BTS.

Unlike the other BTS rappers who found their roots in the underground rapping scene, J-Hope was an underground dancer prior to his debut. He learned to rap after joining Big Hit Entertainment (now called HYBE) as a trainee; eventually, he released several solo hip-hop tracks and his own mixtape.

4) RM of BTS

RM, real name Namjoon Kim or Kim Namjoon, hits the list at #4 with 445,309 upvotes and 12,544 downvotes. Apart from being the leader of K-pop outfit BTS, he is also one of the group's rappers.

RM, like several of his bandmates, had been interested in music prior to his debut. He was a freshly sprouting talent in the Korean hip-hop industry, and even collaborated with Block B's Zico on several tracks during their underground careers.

3) Bobby of iKon

Bobby is at #3 with a total of 454,766 upvotes and 12,404 downvotes. He is a rapper for the 6-member YG Entertainment group iKon.

Bobby had been rapping prior to his debut as a K-pop idol. He participated in and won season 3 of the Mnet hip-hop competition reality show "Show Me the Money," beating several other Korean hip-hop artists. He is also part of the hip-hop duo MOBB alongside Mino of WINNER.

2) Suga of BTS

Suga of K-pop band BTS is at #2, with 1,579,328 upvotes and 233,607 downvotes. He is a rapper for the group.

Prior to debuting as a BTS member in 2013, Suga began writing his own lyrics. He had been working on his music and rapping skills since early childhood. Apart from the band's music, Suga has released several mixtapes of his own.

1) JinJin of ASTRO

JinJin hit the top of the list, with a whopping 1587839 upvotes and 230203 downvotes! He is the main rapper and leader of ASTRO.

ASTRO are a 6-member K-pop boy group under Fantagio (home to Weki Meki, and Ong Seungwoo). Under Fantiago, he trained for around 3 years before debuting with the rest of the ASTRO members in 2016.

Prior to joining the entertainment company, JinJin trained in dance during high school.

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