Rihanna's pregnancy announcement pink Chanel jacket: Auction details and more

Rihanna's pink vintage Chanel jacket at Paris auction house (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rihanna's pink vintage Chanel jacket at Paris auction house (Image via Sportskeeda)

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky decided to take a casual-not-so-casual stroll on the streets of New York on February 1, 2022, through which they made an understated pregnancy announcement. Riri made the subtle yet glamorous pregnancy announcement in a vintage Chanel jacket.

This instantly sparked furore and many shoppers were keen to decode the outfit the mom-to-be wore, especially the pink puffer which caught the eye of many. This pink puffer was a vintage Chanel piece, and now it is on an auction in a Paris auction house for the fans.

All about the Paris auction for Rihanna's pink Chanel jacket

This Tuesday, we will see Rihanna's pink vintage Chanel be sold at the Paris auction house Gros & Delettrez.

Although this isn't exactly the coat worn by the Diamond star, it is the same model of padded Chanel Coat with bejeweled Gripoix buttons. The jacket is very rare and was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in fall 1996. In an interview with WWD, Antoine Saulnier explained the authenticity of the piece. He shared,

“While it’s not unique, this is a rare model. There was one recently sold around 9,000 euros on a resale site after Rihanna’s announcement. Another was listed for 19,000 euros but the listing has been pulled.”
in honor of the moon in pisces, pls let us take a min to honor THE pisces queen, rihanna. 😍 LEWK @ the pregnancy fit! only a pregnant pisces could think to pair an unbuttoned hot pink jacket + a chunky string of bedazzled jewels & pearls peeking through. like, excuse me? i DIE.
I want Rihanna’s pink jacket

But ever since Rihanna wore the Chanel coat as part of her pregnancy announcement, the value of this item has gone up. The jacket was originally a part of Catherine B's collection, a fashion vintage dealer and antiquarian. To explain the importance of Catherine, Saulnier said in an interview with WWD,

"There is always more interest in an auction with a provenance. In Catherine’s case, the fact that she can be considered as one of the originators of vintage and secondhand luxury some three decades ago — when clothes from Chanel or bags from Hermès were lumped in at the beginning of an auction and could be won for a few hundred euros at most — adds to the pedigree of these items.”

Saulnier also went on to explain how since the pandemic started, online auctions have been helpful in raising awareness and how these auction bids are sky-rocketing because of it. He also told WWD that there is a much better reputation for the concept of vintage, thrifted, and pre-loved items on the market now.

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