School 2021 episode 3: Min Seo was after all not a victim of self-harm and reveals a shocking twist

A still from School 2021 episode 3 (Image via kbsdrama/Instagram)
A still from School 2021 episode 3 (Image via kbsdrama/Instagram)

The end of School 2021 episode 2 made it seem as if Min Seo had jumped to her death from her school's terrace. Not just the audience, even Ki Joon and Ji Won believed this to be the case. Instead, audiences were shocked to find that it was not Min Seo who had jumped.

Young Joo, the new transfer student, threw a plant pot on the Director of Nulji School's car. It seemed that he and the director were somehow related. He did live with the mother-son duo who owned a noodle shop near school, but somehow, the director seemed to be more related to him than the mother-son.

Why did Min Seo want to harm herself in School 2021?

When Ji Won and Ki Joon realized that it was not Min Seo but a pot that had fallen down, they tried their best to find the whereabouts of Min Seo. In fact, when Ji Won couldn't find her friend at home, she decided that her friend would have ended up near the beach where they used to watch the sunset.

Instead, it was Young Joo who spotted Min Seo near the observatory as she walked alone towards the viewpoint. It was clear that she had intended to jump, and the reason for the same was unveiled.

She had broken her boss' expensive orchid plant at work by mistake in School 2021. Her boss, who was known to be brash, rude, and mean, decided to take his anger out on Min Seo. He told her that the plant cost 15 million KRW. She had no way of putting together such a huge amount, and all she could think of was to end her life and get it over with.

It was fear that stopped her from jumping into the water in School 2021 episode 3. By then, Young Joo had reached out to Ji Won, and he was instructed to keep Min Seo company so that she did not make a hasty decision. He then tried to convince Min Seo not to die even if the situation was dire. He pointed out that there were many who were worried about her. That was when Ki Joon and Ji Won made it to the observatory in School 2021.

Why did Young Joo throw the pot in School 2021?

Even as the three of them were busy tracking Min Seo in School 2021, the school tried to track down the person who threw the pot. Only two people witnessed Young Joo do it. One was their teacher Lee Kang Hoon and the other was Kang Seo Young. The teacher decided to keep mum about what he had witnessed.

Seo Young, however, decided to use this in School 2021. She had recorded Young Joo, and with that, she blackmailed him into posing as her boyfriend. She claimed that she wanted to get rid of the boys who stalked her despite her disinterest in them. He agreed because he did not want to go to prison for the destruction of property or get expelled.

Unfortunately, Ki Joon was accused of the crime instead. Ki Joon and Young Joo were gifted the same set of key chains by their childhood friend who had drowned. One of the keychains was found on the terrace, and when their principal found out that the keychain belonged to Ki Joon, he decided to expel Ki Joon right away. Will Young Joo step in and help Ki Joon in School 2021 episode 4? Only time will tell.

Edited by R. Elahi
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