School 2021: Young Joo's anger is a hurdle to mending friendship with Ki Joon, his crush on Ji Won is no help

A still of Ki Joon in School 2021 (Image via kbsdrama/Instagram)
A still of Ki Joon in School 2021 (Image via kbsdrama/Instagram)

From the moment Young Joo transferred to Nulji High School in School 2021, he was kept at an arm's distance by everyone at his school except Ji Won. This intrigued him. After all, the rumors about him are no joke. From speculation about him being a part of a gang to him bullying kids, he spelled bad news.

Yet, Ji Won did not treat him like the others in School 2021. Things changed further when Young Joo helped Ji Won. He was the one who spotted Ji Won's best friend, who was about to jump to her death. He also stopped her on time and that had put him in Ji Won's good books.

Ji Won considered him a good friend. Young Joo found her affection for him refreshing and began to fall for her. He didn't seem aware of the fact that Ji Won and Ji Joon had a past that the two tried their best to leave behind. He was also initially unaware of the fact that Ji Won still had feelings for Ki Joon.

She didn't voice it out, but her actions spoke for her. When Young Joo approached her to take part in a project that he had been scouted for, he had hoped to spend some time with her. He gave the excuse of being unable to get a team together in Nulji. Ji Won agreed to help him and she also spoke to her classmates.

Ki Joon wanted to join the group as well in School 2021. After the recent competition, his interest in carpentry grew. However, Young Joo didn't want Ki Joon to join the team.

Ji Won's attempts to clear the air between Young Joo and Ki Joon in School 2021 were unsuccessful

Ji Won tried to speak up for Ki Joon initially and so did their other classmates. However, Young Joo could not be convinced. Since it was a big opportunity that the students got because of Young Joo, they did not want to go against him in School 2021.

She let it go for a day before she approached Young Joo again. Young Joo was not mad at her, but he was annoyed at the fact that she would go to this extent for Ki Joon. Young Joo did get a sense of Ji Won's feelings in School 2021 and grew increasingly angry at Ki Joon.

Young Joo may get into trouble in School 2021

While Young Joo and Ji Won were busy creating a club, their classmates (the twins who were related to the director of the school) ended up becoming a problem for him. Jae Hee had helped Seo Yeong bury the truth about who threw a pot on the Director's car.

Her brother Jae Hyeok found this suspicious in School 2021 and he managed to find out the truth by snooping around on his sister's phone. He texted Seo Young from his sister's phone and asked her about the incident, ultimately finding clues that led to Young Joo. It remains to be seen how the Director reacts to this.

Edited by Siddharth Satish