SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND Day 1: Setlist for the group's 7th annual fanmeet in Seoul

SEVENTEEN pose in front of the crowd at their 7th CARAT LAND fanmeeting in Seoul.
SEVENTEEN poses in front of the crowd at their 7th CARAT LAND fanmeeting in Seoul. (Image via Twitter/ @pledis_17)

CARAT LAND, SEVENTEEN's yearly fanmeeting and concert, kicked off on March 10, 2023, at Seoul's KSPO DOME. Some attendees were even lucky enough to receive personalized slogans from the group members, making their day even more special.

Fans look forward to these annual events as it allows them a chance to witness the group's incredible performances, in addition to the mid-concert skits, games, and other hilarious antics that take place within the scope of the event. Like the variety show masters that they are, the 13 members ensure that viewers (both offline and online) are thoroughly entertained and experience a mix of emotions along with the group.

Pretty U, Together, and more tracks SEVENTEEN performed for the first day of CARAT LAND

As the event is not a simple concert, SEVENTEEN often brings back fan favorites, has the members attempt covers of unexpected songs (like Woozi attempting NewJeans' Ditto), and has members switching parts for fun. The group brought their A-game, giving CARATs much to remember after the show was over.

Setlist for Day 1 of CARAT LAND

SEVENTEEN played the following list of songs and VCRs (in order) on D-1:

1. Pretty U (Intro)

  • Opening ment

2. My My

  • Game corner #1

3. Together

4. Fighting (BSS feat. Vernon)

  • Game Corner #2 + "Songs that don't fit the members" punishment
  • SKIT VCR: Going Rangers

5. Back It Up (Performance Team)

6. Imperfect Love (Hiphop Team)

7. Pang! (Vocal team)

  • Ment

8. Don Quixote

9. Circles

  • Ending Ment
  • CARAT surprise event: To You

10. Encore (Healing + Fighting)

Fan reactions to CARAT LAND Day 1

While SEVENTEEN fans loved the setlist overall, many commented on the stark contrast between the beginning and the end of the fanmeeting. Some even mentioned that they started watching the live stream with a smile and ended with tears.

CARATs were particularly touched by the inclusion of Circles in the setlist, because the songwriter, Woozi, has admitted that he wrote it with the members, especially Wonwoo, in mind. When the group performed the song live for the first time, many members started crying, and fans could not hold back their tears either.

Apart from the emotional conclusion of the concert, viewers loved the performances of Pretty U, which the group performed live after a long time, making veteran fans reminisce and new fans happy to watch the adorable choreography once more.

Another part of the CARAT LAND concert well-appreciated by the audience was the section where the group members performed covers of songs that did not suit their personalities. The result was The8 grooving to LE SSERAFIM's Antifragile, Mingyu doing his version of Nayeon's POP!, and Dino acing the choreography of BLACKPINK's Shut Down. Members Jun and Woozi also performed Jessi's NUNU NANA and NewJeans' Ditto respectively.

The first-ever OT13 version of Fighting as part of the encore seemed to be appreciated, as did the Don Quixote performance, which was one of the fan-favorite songs from the group's Face The Sun studio album.

Overall, with the hilarious VCRs and ments offsetting the more emotional moments towards the end of CARAT LAND D-1, the first day of SEVENTEEN's fanmeeting was a massive success.

The group usually makes changes to the setlists to ensure variations across the three days of SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND, shifting songs around and making sure that fans who attend multiple days are entertained thoroughly.

As of this writing, the second day of the annual fanmeeting has officially begun and fans look forward to what CARAT LAND has to offer.

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