Snowdrop episode 2: Jung Hae In’s Soo Ho is a North Korean, but Yeong Ro helps him unaware of his identity

A still from Snowdrop (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
A still from Snowdrop (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)

In the controversial JTBC show, Snowdrop, starring Jung Hae In and Jisoo in lead roles, it was revealed in episode 2 that Soo Ho (portrayed by Hae In) was indeed a North Korean citizen. In a flashback scene where Soo Ho recalled a memory of his sister, he is seen wearing the North Korean military uniform and his sister speaks the language with a North Korean dialect.

However, Yeoung Ro (portrayed by Jisoo) is unaware of his identity. She believed that he was one of the students who took part in protests against the ruling government and wanted to choose their next president. Her brother had been one such protestor who was captured and he was forced to sign up to serve in the military as punishment in Snowdrop.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Where does Yeong Ro hide Soo Ho in Snowdrop?

In Snowdrop episode 2, Yeong Ro managed to accompany Soo Ho to the fourth floor room, which has been unoccupied. The room is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a former principal. Yeong Ro and her friends used the spot to help Soo Ho hide from the cops.

Even while he received help from Yeong Ro, Soo Ho tried to communicate with people outside. He tried to use a broken radio that he found in the attic and tried to check on the status of his comrades, who were with him in the car. He failed, and that frustrated him to no end in Snowdrop. The one thing that kept him sane were his conversations with Yeong Ro.

He continued to let her believe that he was indeed a student in Snowdrop. He also empathized with her when she shared what happened to her brother and he said that her brother was really cool and brave. As a North Korean spy, it is strange that he would understand the situation. He also avoided starting anything romantic with Yeong Ro in the first place, because he noticed that he was being watched.

Even when she had tried to help him, he said that he did not want to cause her or her friends any trouble and put them in danger in Snowdrop. Yet, he didn’t seem to have any intentions of telling Yeong Ro the truth. He concentrated on finding a way out of the dorm, before Yeong Ro found herself in a pickle in Snowdrop.

Meanwhile, one mistake by Yeong Ro led to the ace in her dorm finding activities in the fourth floor attic suspicious. She reported it to the dormitory warden, who hurried to check if something fishy was taking place. Will the two of them be caught before they manage to come clean about each other’s feelings and identity in Snowdrop?

Some viewers in South Korea have shown opposition to Snowdrop and have claimed that the show distorts history and disrespects people who fought for the country. The show is set in 1980s and Yeong Ro is an English literature student.

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