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"Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm straight": Disguised Toast opens up about his sexuality

Disguised Toast (image via Disguised Toast, Facebook)
Disguised Toast (image via Disguised Toast, Facebook)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 24 Mar 2021

Jeremy Wang, better known as "Disguised Toast," recently broke a lot of fanfic writers' hearts by answering the question his chat has been spamming him with for ages. Putting speculation to rest, Disguised Toast finally answered questions about his sexuality and settled the speculation once and for all.

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Disguised Toast officially reveals his sexuality on stream

During an impromptu stream on Twitch, Disguised Toast was asked the question "what is your sexuality?" on his chat. The 29-year-old streamer made it quite clear to his fans that he is straight.

Here's his statement:

"All right you fanfic writing teenage girls, sorry to burst your bubble but I'm straight. Someone has shown me fanfics of me and other dudes and I was like all right, you can write whatever you want. But let the record show, I like the ladies."

The OfflineTV member recently returned to streaming after a brief hiatus in January. Disguised Toast had taken time off, despite his contractual obligations, to take care of his father.


The popular streamer made waves in November 2019 when he announced that he'd be making a deal with Facebook Gaming and walking away from the more popular streaming platform, Twitch.

He claimed that Twitch's vague policies and trigger happy DMCA takedowns were the reasons behind the switch. He added that he feels safer on Facebook since there's no risk of being banned for "playing five seconds of Taylor Swift."

The success of his Among Us streams earned him a spot in Forbes 30 under 30 for 2021, cementing his spot as one of the most influential streamers of all time.

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Published 22 Mar 2021, 16:34 IST
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