STAY trend #lettuce with 1.3 million tweets after Stray Kids Hyunjin returns to JYP's Bubble while eating the vegetable

A still of Stray Kids Hyunjin. (Instagram/realstraykids)
A still of Stray Kids Hyunjin. (Instagram/realstraykids)

Stray Kids Hyunjin was featured in the band's recent "MV Mixtape: Oh." That made fans extremely happy. The star, who took a break from all activities in February 2021, is back on JYP Entertainment's Bubble.

He wrote to his fans that they can now speak to him on Bubble and also added that he, in fact, ate lettuce that day. His messages made STAY (the name of his fanbase), who has been waiting for a comeback, extremely happy.

Bubble is a platform that allows stars of JYP Entertainment to converse with their fans. For the past four months, while he was on break from activities, Stray Kids Hyunjin did not appear on Bubble.

Why were fans excited about Stray Kids Hyunjin eating lettuce?

The star's re-appearance on Bubble was special to fans. Even if it meant trending #lettuce. Their enthusiasm was not about the lettuce itself but more about celebrating the star's return. His comeback is one of the most talked-about topics among STAY.

The fandom was worried about the idol since the bullying controversy mired him in a scandal. However, he seems to have come out of it almost unscathed, especially now that he is back to resuming activities for his band.

After Hyunjin announced that he ate lettuce, his fans appreciated him, adored him for eating lettuce, and posted their own lettuce eating story. In the text, he said, "Talk comfortably with me now," followed by which he said, "I also ate lettuce."

Stray Kids Hyunjin's return also signified that moving forward. He might have more interactions with his fans just as he did before. Before the controversy struck, Hyunjin was active on Bubble, and he would show fans his paintings, among other things.

STAY loved Hyunjin's interactions on Bubble. After the mixtape's release, JYP Entertainment announced that Hyunjin would resume all activities in July. However, fans did not expect to see Stray Kids Hyunjin on the first day of the month.

In a statement, JYP Entertainment said,

"Starting from July, Hyunjin will be rejoining Stray Kids’ scheduled activities, and he plans to show an even more upstanding attitude and mature mindset during his promotions.”

Now, fans can also expect more music from the band as a whole. After all, MNET's Kingdom has also ended, and that gives the band time to prepare for their next album. Here's how fans showed their excitement for Hyunjin's comeback.

When are Stray Kids Hyunjin and the band expected to make a comeback?

According to reports, Stray Kids is expected to make a comeback in August with a new album, and Stray Kids Hyunjin is also expected to be a part of this comeback. While seeking official confirmation, JYP Entertainment revealed the band is preparing for a comeback.

They said,

"It is true that Stray Kids is preparing a new album. The exact timing of the release has not been decided and will be announced once it is confirmed."

It has been almost a year since the band's last album was released in September 2020, and it was titled In Life. Their recent "MV Mixtape: Oh" is one of the few works released by the band.

Has the bullying accusation against Stray Kids Hyunjin been resolved?

According to JYP Entertainment, Hyunjin met a classmate who accused him of bullying. They also revealed that the two of them had resolved any misunderstandings and added that they are now “cheering on one another’s futures.”

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