Streamer goes to bed thinking stream is off until the internet spots the real culprit

Image Credits: OMG Chad. KoolYck
Image Credits: OMG Chad, KoolYck

Incidents, where streamers have forgotten to turn off their live stream, have taken place often. In most cases, he/she ended up forgetting or failed to notice that his/her camera was on. This has led to some embarrassing yet funny incidents.

However, during one such incident, a streamer ended up on camera through no fault of his own. The event took place more than half a decade ago, in September 2014. However, it is probably the funniest incident of 'accidental streaming'. We revisit this peculiar incident, which happened at around 6:30 am on a Monday.

Streamer goes to bed thinking the stream is off; his cat has other plans

The streamer in question is OMGchad, whose real name is Chad Johnson. Currently, he has around 117k subscribers on YouTube, and about 50k followers on Twitch. The streamer also has a website, while his Twitter account has around 33k followers.

OMGchad is primarily a Minecraft streamer who also streams some other games such as Sea of Thieves and Animals Crossings: New Horizons. As already mentioned, he started streaming at around 6:30 in the morning, much to the surprise of his fans.

Image Credits: OMGchad,
Image Credits: OMGchad,

However, fans were quick to spot Chad's cat, seen fiddling with the streaming equipment. This went on for quite some time, and the streamer himself could be seen sleeping on his bed, peacefully oblivious of everything that is going on.

After around ten minutes, one of Chad's friends, who by then had noticed the live stream, called him. However, the influencer did not pick up, proceeding to look at his laptop to find out why he received a call so early in the morning. One glance and he realized what exactly was going on.

Image Credits: OMGchad,
Image Credits: OMGchad,

Towards the end, Chad gets up sleepily, finally proceeding to switch off the stream. A few days after the incident, he posted a video on YouTube explaining what had happened. The next day, he posted the following tweet.

You can watch the September 2014 video below:

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