Syrian internet personality bashes Gal Gadot over her looks, says she is too 'masculine' to be Middle-Eastern

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Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot's recent casting as Egyptian queen Cleopatra continues to be a hot topic online, with the internet divided.

Recently, the 35-year old Israeli actress was roped in to play the lead in the upcoming biopic, directed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Through her portrayal of the Amazonian demi-goddess, Gal Gadot achieved worldwide fame and is today one of the leading actresses of her generation.

She has a slew of exciting new projects lined up, from Kenneth Branagh's Death on The Nile to the big-budget Netflix comedy-thriller, Red Notice. However, her recent casting as Cleopatra ended up receiving a significant amount of backlash online, as skeptics raised the question of ethnicity and race.

While most of the tweets seemed to level accusations of 'whitewashing' and raised questions over Gal Gadot and Cleopatra's ethnicity, one particular Twitter user, who happens to be a Geopolitical Analyst, decided to take things up a notch.

Stating that Gadot was too masculine and had beedy eyes, she downright deemed her unfit to be Middle-Eastern:

Calling her a just a Polish Ashkenazi, she stated that Gal Gadot could never be Middle-Eastern.

This tweet has now received a significant amount of reactions online, as Twitter users responded to her rather harsh dismissiveness.

The Gal Gadot x Cleopatra controversy


The major issue stemming from Gal Gadot's casting as Cleopatra is related to ethnicity, as a majority of fans believe that a person of color should have been signed for the role.

They believe that an African, Arab, or mixed-heritage actress should have been given the part, instead of Gadot, a Jew of Eastern European descent. However, those in favor of the Fast and Furious star's casting have countered these apprehensions by stating that Cleopatra was a part of the Ptolemaic dynasty and was actually of Greek or Macedonian descent.

This debate continues to rage on, as fans have failed to reach a middle ground. However, regarding the tweet by 'Syrian Girl,' the internet seems to have come together to criticize her 'masculine statement' regarding Gal Gadot.

Check out some of the responses online to the viral tweet:

From the tweets above, it is pretty evident that the recent casting of Gal Gadot seems to have attracted all the wrong kinds of attention.

Nevertheless, the Wonder Woman star remains undeterred, as she promises to do justice to the golden crown of Cleopatra.

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