Tabitha Tuders disappearance: 5 details you should know

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A promotional poster for ID's Disappeared Season 9 (Image Via Rotten Tomatoes)

The case of Tabitha Tuders' disappearance is will be revisited and explored in the episode 10 of Investigation Discovery's true-crime series, Disappeared Season 9. The episode titled, Last Stop, will air on ID on Friday, October 14, 2022, at 8 pm ET.

The true-story goes back to April 2003, when Tabitha Tuders was just 13 years old. She disappeared, seemingly into thin air, while on her way to a bus stop in East Nashville, Tennessee. It has been nearly two decades since the teen went missing and she has still not been found.

The official synopsis for episode 10 of Disappeared Season 9 reads:

"Thirteen-year-old Tabitha Tuders vanishes while walking to her bus stop in Nashville, Tenn.; police think she's a runaway, but there are disturbing circumstances surrounding her disappearance, leaving her family desperate to find the truth."

Since the release of the offiicla synopsis of the Disappeared episode, people have been curious to know everything about Tabhitha Tuders and her mysterious disappearance.

Learn about 5 important details on the heartbreaking Tabitha Tuders disappearance case

1) Who is Tabitha Tuders?

A still of Tabitha Tuders (Image Via NBC News)
A still of Tabitha Tuders (Image Via NBC News)

It was 2003 and Tabitha Tuders was a 13-year-old who lived with her parents Debra and Bo in Tennessee. She was described as a brilliant student who was lively and cheerful with a bright future ahead of her.

The teen attended Bailey Middle School and was loved by her peers and teachers for her personality.

However, everything changed when Tabitha vanished without a trace on April 29, 2003, and hasn't yet been found.

2) Where was Tabitha last seen?

The day of Tabitha's disappearance began like any other day, with her mother heading out to work at 6 am and her father leaving at 7 am. The teen was supposed to go to a bus stop to catch a bus that would take her to school.

Tabitha reached the nearest bus stop but found no one there and on her mother's suggestion, she walked to the next bus stop in hopes of catching the bus. That was the last time Tabitha was ever seen.

Since then, there have been no known sightings of the teen till date.

3) What happened to 13-year-old Tabitha?


Nearly two decades later, it is still a mystery as to what happened to Tabitha and her case is still unsolved. After Tabitha's parents filed a missing complaint for her, police received a tip from another student at her school.

The student informed authorities that they had seen the girl walk to the bus stop but said that she got into a red car instead of the bus. The student said that the car was being driven by a man that they didn't recognize.

However, police weren't able to take up on the tip as it wasn't confirmed.

4) What was found in Tabitha's bedroom after her disppearance?

After her disappearance, authorities searched Tabitha's room and her house thoroughly. They found a mysterious ntoe in her room which read, "TDT-N-MTL."

Although authorities tried to decipher the note, which they considered a vital clue, it didn't help them too much. Over the years, they have received several tips about the note but none of them have led to any proper conclusion in the case.

5) Is Tabitha alive?

A still of Tabitha Tuders (Image Via NBC News)
A still of Tabitha Tuders (Image Via NBC News)

To this day, Tabitha Tuders remains missing and therefore, it is hard to state whether she is dead or alive now, two decades after she was last seen. While her family is hopeful that Tabitha is somewhere and will return home, they also can't help but think of the worst.

In a statement, her mother Debra had said:

"If she’s gone, at least I want to know where she’s at. If she’s passed, I just want to put her to rest, so I can have a place to go to."

Don't forget to watch Disappeared Season 9 episode 10, premiering on Friday, 14, 2022, at 8 pm ET, exclusively on Investigation Discovery.

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