Top 5 questionable TikTok trends so far: From eating Tide Pods to dancing on graves

The 5 questionable TikTok trends so far (Image via TikTok)
The 5 questionable TikTok trends so far (Image via TikTok)

TikTok is an amazing platform for content creators and influencers to gain global attention and even create a career out of it. As of January 2021, the social media platform had over 689 million monthly active users worldwide.

For the most part, the platform is a casual place where users share 30-second videos, consume other people's content, and partake in 'trends.' While the former two points are perfectly normal, the latter creates social turmoil every now-and-then.

A social media trend refers to an action or series of steps made popular by one content creator and quickly replicated by everyone else. Internet trends usually originate on TikTok, given the platform's short-form video style.

Most trends are harmless, like the "Famous Relative Check." Others are creative and entertaining, like the "Sea Shanty Challenge." But some trends take social media challenges too far by being reckless, dangerous, and disturbing.

These challenges end up seriously injuring people, with some leading to fatalities. Despite being called out by various social media personalities, YouTubers, and other influencers, these trends only stopped after running their course.

This article will dive into the top five most questionable TikTok trends so far.

Top 5 most questionable TikTok trends

#5 - Tide Pod Challenge

The trend probably started as a joke but gained swift traction amongst youngsters and caused widespread panic. The challenge involved users eating or chewing on a Tide pod - a mix of concentrated detergent, stain removers, and color protectors.

Needless to say that such a concoction should not be ingested for any reason.

The trend spiraled out of control to the extent that Procter & Gamble, owners of Tide, had to put out a public service announcement video, asking folks to stop ingesting Tide Pods.

The trend became so widespread that even some misguided adults partook in the challenge. According to the data, fatalities occurred in adults compared to teenagers and young adults.

#4 - Shaving teeth down

Sometime last year, TikTok users began shaving their teeth for a popular challenge. Using a nail file, a user would file down their teeth till they were even. The ramifications of doing this could be severe as teeth could be permanently damaged, causing tooth sensitivity.

However, common sense prevailed as dentists worldwide warned people on social media against partaking in this trend. The challenge didn't last long. Soon people stopped doing it.

#3 - Dancing on graves

Thankfully, a recent trend that didn't catch on involved people dancing on top of graves. In videos on TikTok, people can be seen dancing on random gravestones and in graveyards to gain views online.


It's unknown how this challenge even got started. But the most distressing part about it was that adults were partaking in the challenge with children.

#2 - Coronavirus Challanege

At the start of the pandemic, a few influencers partook in a hazardous and highly controversial challenge.

This challenge involves an individual trying their best to get infected with coronavirus by licking public property like toilet seats or other surfaces that many people touch.

It's unclear how this senseless act became a challenge, but the entire fiasco put several individuals at risk of contracting the virus. Some did and were hospitalized because of it.

#1 - Skull Breaker Challenge

The challenge starts with two people jumping. They convince a third to jump. When the third person jumps, the two people kick the legs out from underneath the third person, causing them to fall headfirst.

In addition to the TikTok Tide Pod challenge, this challenge has caused fatalities since it began doing rounds on TikTok. The trend has since stopped thanks to social media awareness.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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