The Amber Heard x Elon Musk elevator video: What really happened?

Amber Heard with former partner Johnny Depp (Image via The Jakarta Post)
Amber Heard with former partner Johnny Depp (Image via The Jakarta Post)
Amitesh Dhar

This article is a throwback to the incident that came to light in 2020. Back then, Amber Heard, the actress who played the role of Mera in Aquaman, was spotted in an elevator with tech mogul Elon Musk.

The elevator led up to her ex-husband Johnny Depp's penthouse, where she continues to reside after their separation.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk spotted in an elevator

CCTV footage showed Amber Heard getting cozy with Elon Musk in the elevator. Security guards at the penthouse also testified that the South African businessman had visited her multiple times before and after her divorce from the legendary actor.

The footage gave further credibility to Johnny Depp's accusation of Amber Heard cheating on him. Although the Texan didn't comment on these accusations, her legal counsel termed them "frivolous."

Musk's spokesperson, however, said that their relationship turned romantic only after May 2016. The absence of any date or time stamp on the footage left space for a lot of ambiguity.

Elon Musk wasn't the only celebrity to get entangled in this fiasco. Actor James Franco was also seen riding the elevator up to Johnny Depp's penthouse. The footage was dated May 22nd, 2016, as seen in the CCTV footage.


While riding the elevator, James Franco was very much aware of the camera and tried hiding his face with a cap.

When all this footage came to light, the internet did not take very kindly to Amber Heard.

The relationship has been a very problematic one for Johnny Depp, with the man losing his role as Jack Sparrow in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

The 57-year-old filed for a $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard after finding out that she had written an article for the Washington Post about being subject to domestic violence. Although Amber Heard did not mention Johnny Depp even once, there apparently were enough indications for the actor to file a defamation suit.

The article was published four months after the two individuals had been divorced.

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