The ending of Pact of Silence explained

A still from the last episode of Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)
A still from the last episode of Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)

Pact of Silence on Netflix is a Spanish telenovela that centers around the life of Brenda Rey, portrayed by Camila Valero. The show was released on October 11, 2023, and has captivated the audience ever since its release. In the show, Brenda has a staggering following on social media. Despite her online fame, Brenda's life is marred by the mystery of her parentage.

Brenda was abandoned when she was a baby by four private school kids. She was raised in parts of the streets, making her early life a challenging one. However, as she gains success and wealth, Brenda decides it is time to confront her past and uncover the identities of the four individuals who left her behind at birth.

As her journey progresses, her search leads her to four potential mothers: Fernanda Alarcón, Martina Robles, Sofía Estrada, and Irene Bustamante. After a series of events and investigations, Brenda’s mother is finally revealed.

Disclaimer: Major spoilers ahead

What happened at the end of Pact of Silence?

A still from the last episode of Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)
A still from the last episode of Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)

Brenda goes live on her social media and reveals the truth about Adriano's murders. Then, she texts everyone except Irene to meet her. The climax reaches its pinnacle as the group of four potential mothers gather at a significant location from Brenda's past. The place has a bitter history as it is the same place where Brenda spent most of her tumultuous childhood.

While Brenda expresses her agony about being abandoned, in a touching moment, Irene acknowledges Brenda's remarkable resilience during this challenging period. She knew that not many young people could handle such stress. Irene then cleared up misunderstandings that Carmen Pérez and Ramona had accidentally created. They did not know the child had not survived.


Irene finally admits that she is Brenda's biological mother. However, this revelation comes at a high cost. This is because Adriano, Irene Bustamante's stepson, takes Brenda hostage.

With a knife at Brenda's throat, he forces Irene to make an agonizing choice between her daughter's life and his. In a moment of steely determination, Irene chooses to save Brenda. She fires a bullet at Adriano, ending his life and his threat to Brenda.

This action by Irene not only confirms her as Brenda's mother but also brings closure to their strained relationship.

Why did Adriano attempt to kill Brenda?

A still from Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)
A still from Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)

One of the most intriguing characters in the series is Adriano, the stepson of Irene Bustamante. Initially tasked with harming Brenda, Adriano falls in love with her. However, his love turns into an unhealthy fetish as he abducts Brenda and another character, César.

Adriano is Ricardo's son and Irene Bustamante's stepson. Ricardo, Adriano's father, discovered someone was pretending to be the girl his wife and her friend left 15 years ago. Therefore, he told Adriano to act against this person, even suggesting extreme steps. However, Adriano fell for Brenda and couldn't hurt her. Additionally, his father's malevolent influence shaped Adriano's life as he committed multiple murders.

Soon, Brenda found out the truth about Adriano. So, she pulled away from him and turned to César for comfort. Unable to handle this, Adriano took extreme measures as he kidnapped Brenda and César. In his head, Adriano was clear the abduction was an attempt to claim what he thought was his: Brenda's love and his mother's safety.

The ending of Pact of Silence serves as a fitting resolution to a series filled with suspense, emotional turmoil, and unexpected revelations. It not only solves the central mystery of Brenda's parentage but also brings closure to the characters, leaving the audience both satisfied and contemplative.

Pact of Silence is now streaming on Netflix.

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