Pact of Silence (Pacto de Silencio): Full list of cast explored

Pact of Silence (2023) (Image via IMDb)
Pact of Silence (2023) (Image via IMDb)

Pact of Silence, also called Pacto de Silencio, was released on October 11, 2023, and has gripped the Netflix audience ever since its release. The plot of the series encapsulates a successful social media influencer, Brenda.

Brenda's life story has a tragic past. She was abandoned as a baby by her mother. So, when Brenda grows up and becomes successful, she seeks the truth about her mother.

As the show gains popularity, the intrigue of knowing the ensemble cast is escalating. The primary cast includes Camila Valero, Chantal Andere, Andriana Louvier, Marimar Vega, Litzy, and Kika Edgar.

The primary cast of Pact of Silence

1) Camila Valero as Brenda Rey

Camila Valero plays Brenda Rey, the central character around whom the story is pivoted. In the show, she's a successful social media influencer with a spectacular range of followers. However, her glamorous life hides a painful past. This is because Rey was abandoned by her birth mother. So, she is on a quest for revenge. Valero is no stranger to the screen, and she played influential roles in Unstoppable and El Refugio.

2) Chantal Andere as Ramona Castro

Chantal Andere plays Ramona Castro, a former headmistress of the all-girls school. The intriguing aspect is that it is the same school that the four teens who abandoned Brenda attended.

Andere has appeared in other notable works, like La Usurpadora and Marima.

3) Adriana Louvier as Fernanda Alarcón

In the show, Adriana Louvier depicts Fernanda Alarcón, a wealthy housewife. She is on Brenda's radar, as she is one of the four teens responsible for abandoning Brenda. Like the others in the main cast, Louvier is no stranger to the limelight, as she has previously acted in movies like ¡Que viva México!

4) Marimar Vega as Martina Robles

Marimar Vega plays the character Martina Robles. Like Fernanda, Martina is another of the four teens who abandoned Brenda. However, as fate has it, she is now a successful businesswoman. Not only this, Vega's character inherits her family's real estate business, and she chooses to live a self-governing life.

Marimar has appeared in films and shows like Noche Eterna, Emperatriz, and La Boda de Valentina, among others.

5) Litzy as Sofía Estrada

Litzy portrays Sofía Estrada, a writer and mother who avoids the glitz and glamor of social media. She is part of the group that deserted Brenda.

Behind the scenes, Litzy is a well-known singer and actress with roles in Al Otro Lado del Muro and The Weapon.

6) Kika Edgar as Irene Bustamante

Kika Edgar plays Irene Bustamante, a staunch and powerful congresswoman. She, too, is a member of the group that abandoned Brenda.

Edgar has a rich filmography, including roles in La Reina del Sur and Mujeres Asesinas.

The supporting cast of Pact of Silence

A still from Netflix's Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)
A still from Netflix's Pact of Silence (Image via Netflix)

Martín Barba plays the role of Alex, who is Brenda’s close friend and aids her in her search. José Manuel Rincón portrays Adriano, Irene's stepson and right-hand man. Erick Chapa is Rodrigo, Fernanda's husband, who relishes the opulence his wife's wealth brings.

The ensemble cast of Pact of Silence is a blend of seasoned actors and fresh faces, each bringing their own unique energy to this riveting series.

Pact of Silence is now available to watch on Netflix.

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