The most epic fights in My Hero Academia, ranked

Heroes and villains in My Hero Academia (Image credits: Pinterest)
Heroes and villains in My Hero Academia (Image credits: Pinterest)

Fight sequences are a generic necessity in shonen anime and being a show featuring heroes-in-training learning to fight against villains, My Hero Academia does not fail us in that regard. Every new season rewards us with at least one (sometimes two) major fight scene, all accompanied by stunning animation by Studio Bones.

Viewers’ opinions may vary, but with the fifth season of the show having culminated, it would now be prime time to rank some of the coolest fights showcased by the series so far.

On that note, let's have a look at some of the most epic battles in My Hero Academia.

6) Deku vs. Todoroki (My Hero Academia Season 2)

Featured in the Sports festival arc of Season 2 of My Hero Academia, the fight between Midoriya Izuku a.k.a. Deku and Todoroki Shoto was breathtaking. This fight not only gives us insight into the sheer raw potential of both teenagers, but is also a beginning of many things - including a budding friendship between the two characters, the relationship between All Might and Endeavor, as well as the strained dynamics of the Todoroki family.

5) Deku, Todoroki and Iida vs. Stain (My Hero Academia Season 2)

Unlike the Sports Festival, this face off bases its merits not on pure, unadulterated strength but the importance of observations, deductions and strategy, as well as communication and teamwork. It also has heavier philosophical themes, raising questions about the idea of justice and the essence of what it means to be a ‘hero’.

4) Endeavor vs. Nomu (My Hero Academia Season 4)


This is a pretty underrated fight, which shows our least favorite dad, Endeavor, redeem himself in the series for the first time. In another shoutout to the Todoroki family drama, this fight forces Endeavor to his limits as he fights the modified Nomu, now stronger and smarter than its predecessors. It also highlights Hawks, who serves a much more important role in season 5.

3) Shigaraki Tomura vs. Re-Destro (My Hero Academia Season 5)


Unlike all the other mentions in this list, this fight does not feature any hero at all, instead focusing on two villains butting heads. Season 5 of My Hero Academia offers us a brief glimpse into the origins of All For One’s successor, Shigaraki Tomura.

Lured into a trap by the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro, Shigaraki goes beyond his potential locked in combat against Re-Destro’s quirk, Stress. The animation during this fight is fantastic. Viewers are left to juggle with both the sheer awesomeness of the fight and the steady stream of horror as Shigaraki unravels the till-now latent memories of his traumatic childhood.

2) All Might vs. All For One (My Hero Academia Season 3)

Marking the retirement of the Symbol of Peace, this fight between All Might and All-For-One gave us goosebumps, perfect to the T as far as the formula of great fights go. The soundtrack was appropriately chilling for a villain of All-For-One's level and the animation does not disappoint.


The aftermath of this battle is both poignant and poetic. This showdown officially marked the beginning of the future, one that the young heroes-in-training would strive to protect. The fight of all fights, this is the one that brought tears to everyone's eyes on and off-screen.

1) Deku vs. Overhaul (My Hero Academia Season 4)

Appearing midway through Season 4 of Boku no Hero Academia, the battle between Deku and Kai Chisaki a.k.a. Overhaul, is a masterpiece. The animation and sound effects during the sequence are gorgeous, the voice acting is nuanced and impactful, and a rendition of ‘Might + U’ in the background elevates the scene to a whole different level.


It is a fitting tribute to the now-retired Toshinori Yagi as his ex-hero, partner and friend Sir Nighteye sees All Might once more in his successor, the next wielder of One For All. Viewers were also charmed by Eri and her rescue made many of us heave a sigh of relief.

Many My Hero Academia fans consider the All Might vs. All-For-One battle to be the best in the series because of the sheer awesomeness of the fight and its impact on the show. But viewers might soon change their minds as My Hero Academia progresses with the promise of more such epic showdowns as it gears up for the third movie of the franchise, as well as a sixth season in 2022.

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