The funniest Logan Paul x Floyd Mayweather memes on the internet as Twitter trolls duo for "hugging it out"

Logan Paul went the distance with Floyd Mayweather Jr (Image via Getty Images)
Logan Paul went the distance with Floyd Mayweather Jr (Image via Getty Images)
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After indulging in weeks of vicious verbal sparring, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather finally faced off in a rather meek affair that resulted in an outcome that has left fans feeling "robbed."

Billed as a high-octane clash of generations, the bout proved to be a rather solemn affair, largely devoid of any pulsating sequences or picture-perfect knockouts.

Given that it was an exhibition, fans had already come to terms with the fact that no winner would be announced. However, the scorecard heavily indicated that the 44-year-old easily outpunched his younger counterpart in accuracy and impact.

Despite going the distance with the 50-0 undefeated boxing legend, Logan Paul's feat was overshadowed by his hilarious "hugging" approach in countering Floyd Mayweather's punches.

As a result, Twitter was abuzz with a barrage of reactions, most of which came in the form of hilarious memes.

Memes take over Twitter as Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather leaves fans feeling "robbed"

In an 8-round exhibition bout, Logan Paul went all guns blazing for most of the first two as he even managed to catch Floyd Mayweather unawares a couple of times.

However, as the bout progressed, the skilled veteran gradually came into his own as his endurance levels trumped the YouTuber's by a large margin.

Despite landing a vicious left hook, Logan Paul avoided being sent to the canvas numerous times.

Apart from looking exhausted for the majority of the bout, the duo was also spotted hugging each other for awkward intervals of time.

This did not go unnoticed by a large section of the online community, who had a field day in the memes department.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans trolled Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather for fooling the entire world with their underwhelming exhibition match:

In addition to preserving each other's reputation, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather now seem to be laughing their way to the bank, with a gargantuan purse guaranteed.

Perhaps the best reaction of the night came from none other than the latter's former opponent and Mexican professional boxer Canelo Alvarez, who echoed the sentiments of the world with his subtle tweet:

From stirring up unprecedented hype across the globe to even showboating in style during the closing seconds of the bout, Logan Paul might have just pulled off one of the biggest heists in combat sports history, with none other than master tactician Floyd Mayweather for company.

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