'The Good Doctor': Fans react to intense drama 

'The Good Doctor' Season 5 Episode 7 (Image via ABC)
'The Good Doctor' Season 5 Episode 7 (Image via ABC)

The Good Doctor aired one of its most intense episodes so far and fans were bound to react to it in droves. In a nearly breathless episode, fan favorite Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) was pushed to the edge with multiple misfortunes and a terrible turn of events.

This particular episode of The Good Doctor was an absolutely edge-of-the-seat drama that encompassed accidents and deaths to lies and betrayal. The show brought about a full blown dramatic storm before going on a mid-season break, and will should keep fans hooked until the season resumes.

Let's see how they feel about this.

We’re just trying to put on a brave face… #TheGoodDoctor @Richard_Schiff
All of us the next few months without our show#TheGoodDoctor

Overwhelming response to 'The Good Doctor' mid-season finale

The episode had iconic moments and highly dramatic scenes. The audience's overwhelming response was evident in social media posts during and after the seventh episode of Season 5 was aired. Audiences commented on the different moments of the episode.

Oh boy, Shaun is really not happy with Lea changing the patient's reviews on him. #TheGoodDoctor

One thing that seemingly caught everyone's attention, despite so much happening, was the final scene of Shaun's breakdown. Freddie Highmore's acting was highly praised by fans, with some even saying he deserves a primetime Emmy for this particular scene.

I think Freddie Highmore may have just won an Emmy Award from his brilliant performance in tonight's episode of @GoodDoctorABC. WOW!!!!! #TheGoodDoctor
Amazing and brilliant as always. Freddie's performance was heartbreaking and gutwrenching. 🥺😢👏👏👏👏👏 #TheGoodDoctor

Another thing that was talked about a lot on social media platforms like Twitter was how long the next episode will take to air. Since the show has gone on a break, we cannot expect a new episode anytime soon. In fact, it is set to be a spring release. Some fans reacted to this in a humorous way while others were disappointed. It is something they can do little about except wait.

When #TheGoodDoctor isn't coming back until April:
New episode of The Good Doctor Today 🤩// It’s Winter Finale…😐 #TheGoodDoctor #Shea
Very disappointed that this will not be back until next spring. #TheGoodDoctor
Wait…. What??? #TheGoodDoctor will return April 2022???? 🥲🥲 my gosh

'The Good Doctor' Season 5: When is it returning? Promo and more

The Good Doctor is set to take a long break. Season 5 Episode 7, which was just aired, was the mid-season finale, after which the show will resume months later in April. The preview trailer for the rest of the season is out now and already has fans "screaming".

New promo for #TheGoodDoctor 5x08 returning April 4th, 2022!

The official air date is April 4, 2022. So fans have to hang on till then to continue the story of Dr. Shaun Murphy.

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