What happened to 'shAy', the former CS: GO pro who was sentenced to 116 years in jail?

Image Credits: BingePost
Image Credits: BingePost

Shayene shAy Victorio is a former CS: GO professional who retired back in 2019. The Brazilian esports athlete had an 11-year-long career, which began with CS 1.6 and ended with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. She most notably won the Brasil Game Cup Female in 2019, and has around 38k subscribers on Twitch.

However, in March 2020, a rather surprising story broke out on social media related to the former CS: GO professional. While the nature of the offence itself is bizarre, shAy immediately posted on Instagram, claiming the following (a rough translation):

“I appreciate the concern about the news. I am not arrested, and I will not be arrested, much less the fugitive as they are spreading. It is a process of a problem which my ex-husband had and harmed me, which he has been solving over time. As soon as we parted, he took 100% responsibility. I work with my image. I do live broadcasts daily, and I am known in my field. I have a physical address. It does not fit in with what is being judged out there.”

A recap of ex-CS: GO pro ‘shAy’ getting jailed for 116 years and what happened next

Despite what the former CS: GO player said, the story itself was covered by quite a few major sources. It was rather weird, with shAy being accused of embezzlement by GAECO, a Brazilian Task Force that specializes in taking down organized crime.

Allegedly, the Public Ministry of Sao Paulo had helped shAy run an online retail store. However, the store failed to deliver the goods it had promised, with a total of 118 victims allegedly scammed between 2013-2017.

However, according to the former CS: Go star’s lawyer, the non-delivery of the goods was simply a result of bad administration, and not fraud.

Image Credits: Metro
Image Credits: Metro

Furthermore, the company had delivered more than 10,000 items to customers without an issue. The court then held her guilty and sentenced shAy to 116 years in prison!

This ruling was also termed as problematic by the lawyer. According to him, the total cost of the undelivered goods was about $10,900, which made the punishment seem a bit ‘over the top’.

However, while there is not a lot of information about what happened to the case, which she was appealing, shAy’s Twitter and Instagram profiles suggest that the appeal was in truth successful, just as she thought it would be.

It appears as if the former CS: GO pro escaped unscathed from the controversy.

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